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Ultra-Grey will probably work just fine. I use the Three-Bond because I am rebuilding engines and when putting the case halves together, etc I want to use the sealant specifically rated by Subaru for that purpose. Due to shear strength, and oil passage proximity, etc. When I worked industrial machinery we had an exclusive North American distribution for Kobelco rotary screw compressors from Japan and were required to use a specific type of three-bond on all oil fittings as it was designed to not clog small passages. Every since I saw the results of using non-approved sealants near oil passages I don't mess around with that anymore. 


The oil pan isn't near any oil feed passages so I wouldn't worry about using a Permatex, etc. I know some of the Permatex products are approved substitutes by SOA but I haven't got any of the docs handy on that and it really doesn't come up for us since we just buy the Japanese sealant. 



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Just an update for your reading pleasure.

i did get the correct sealant from a better Nissan dealer. Pan on , did the O ring on the pick up tube before closing it up. Got the passenger side rear cam O ring too. Got my timing covers and even splurged for the two large cover gaskets. 

Next im setting timing in place and hoping I remember to take the spark plugs out of the passenger side and squirt some ?? Marvel or something to help clear out the milkshake that poured out when turned on it’s side. I let it all drip out and the pan and cases look great. Going to hand crank it some with plugs out and then do at least one oil change immediately after first start up and quick warm up.

Probably do two oil changes just to feel better. We’ll see what comes out with change no.1

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Timing done , covers on , crank pulley on. 


Forgot to take the passenger side  spark plugs out and clean them. Also want to add some Marvel oil or ? to help flush out the remains of any milkshake that got caught up. Otherwise ready to swap engines. 

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