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End of an era for me. But I’ll be back.

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Looks like I’ve got the next owner for my 78 4WD wagon. So next Saturday I’ll be cutting my old faithful companion free. Then I’ll be without any 1970’s Subarus. 

Sad but there’s good logic behind it all. And I’m sure I’ll be back when the time is right.

So many great memories and stories. This wagon was a true hero to my young family back about 17 years ago. 


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Kinda like watching your kids grow up and move out. A little bit lonely, a bit cathartic.

When i first got on the forum there was alot of gen one rigs. Now it is pretty sparce. I hope to get my 78 brat going again. It is running though.

Good luck paul

Peace out

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Thanks ! 

Best pics are on old hard drives.

I did take shots of it before I left it on Saturday. Dusty , pine needles , cobwebs , tire or two going low or outright flat , bent front end protector , bent hood , wasted drivers headlights , but still a looker. Lol


Motorcycles done then I want either a tailgate wagon or a stage one 4WD wagon or a 72-3 coupe.

I’ll be too old and stiff for a Brat.

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