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Need front left blinker for 86 GL10

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Just now, wclarkson said:

I think I have a spare one of these sitting around, I think it's in OK shape but not pristine. I'll send a picture tonight so you can see if you want it. It's either from an '86 or from a box of unknown-year Loyale parts I got from a neighbor, IIRC they look and fit exactly the same.

You mean the whole assembly and not just the bulb, is that correct?

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Indeed. Very sad.

At least hes coming off parts, but probably wants big $. And won't sell a whole car like a lil beotch.

I prefer the nutty car hoarder that starts a resto, then keeps all the parts in a bin and never finishes for decades. Or just keeps them and refuses to sell, then dies. Then has a daughter sell them for a song to make room for a horse stable. :P

I know a guy here in CO who does the same only with second and third gen camaros and firebirds.

I know that not everyone is a vintage car guy, but in my opinion treating these beautues as such requires at least tiny bit of heartlessness, and when i see them in hell slowly getting parted out im gonna act like i don't know em. 

Oh well. Can't save em all. I would rather see this than see one go to the crusher.

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I often wonder just how many intact, un-altered 1980s Subes are still left. Ones that haven't been turned into FrankenSubes. Whether they are in running condition or not. Left pretty much alone. 

No matter what make & model a car is I would never leave it to rot.


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My '83 wagon is nearly stock, it just has a Weber and I've kept the Hitachi and all associated parts just in case... Except for the aluminum spoiler on the rear, looks factory but I don't know, the car is optioned out (minus the turbo and automatic tranny) so it might be. No frankensubie here.

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