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New owner of a 1984 GL Wagon

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I am the proud owner of a 1984 gl wagon. I’ve had a couple other Subaru’s but in the little time I’ve had this car I’ve really fell in love with it. 

I received a notebook with the car that is a ledger of every service the car has had until 2012. I suspect that’s when the original owner sold it. 

My plans were to lift the car and do some light wheeling.

Its has rust but still was in great condition. I say “was” because I’ve had the car ten days now. About a week after purchasing it I had parked it at my job, I recently started working for an auto body shop, a car rolled down the driveway across the street and smashed into the drivers side of my Subaru. 

So now I am I search of a door and some other things. Luckily can fix it at my work but I need to source parts.






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Nice wagon. Shame about that body damage. Seeing that must’ve been gut wrenching. 

I look forward to seeing the recovery of your damage. 



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I assume your work will be paying for the repair, in which case absolutely try to fix the car, going through insurance it will likely be totaled and receive a branded title if repaired.

Great looking wagon though!  Reminds me that I need to get my '84 turbo back on the road...

I miss the 808, need to get back out there.

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Lovely ride, she is a beauty!

And what the hell homes? Start a job doing BODY work and this nonsense? You seem to have a cool head about it, it'll buff out lol! Free loot basically for someone who can fix it themselves.

The irony is rich here, but merely a test from the hidden 7th pliead, she can be a bit of a rascal, just bitter I guess since she gets no love and 99% of modern roo drivers have no idea what Pleiades even is. 

I'm assuming a 3rd gen gl door will not fit? If it does bro there is one waiting for you here in CO.

Congrats on the new car and gig. Body work is incredibly lucrative and a highly demanded skill. 

I love body work cause its the only part of the car that is more art than science. And requires the most patience. Mechanical and electrical is all black and white no pun intended. Also you hold all the cards in a sense, the only time someone was unhappy with my work was by an ignorant bmw driver who was unhappy with the rate I was proceeding at. I politely suggested that though about 1/3 of the work is complete, pay me 1/8 of our agreed price and she's all yours! Guess who came back a month later? I completed the job for and from the good karma (I told her I'll take her x3 camping and finish mostly there lol)

How long you been slinging mud? Give me some pointers man! I have been shaping metal and sanding bondo since I was a kid, but am only now getting into welding. I would love to pick your brain, particularly on the subject of metal shrinking.

True zen is what I feel when I am bumping that metal so finely that I have to rest my head against it at a perpindicular angle for the last mm for perfection. Only other time is when my engine install starts and purrs proper with little smoke or nonsense (once!!)

Cheers man, a deer ran into the side of this xt, so I got her on the cheap! 



@Kysor if that had to happen to your poor car (nickname yet?) That was actually a damn lucky hit, (why oh why not a square hit to that cool brush guard instead!?!) the structural damage appears to be minimal. I believe the trajectory may have been a result of maia smacking up her idiot sister when she saw what she was doing. Looks like you can still hop in and drive her!

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sweet rig. i think mine is the same car. The entire side of mine has been backed into from 4 different people. i still cry at night thinking about it.  Is your transmission still holding up?  Im assuming you have the 4 speed manual with dual range 4 wheel drive?  I just got the air conditioner fixed too and it's my daily driver.


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Man, you got the '84 4x4 I have been looking for.... and then some (Y&&^T^&IO) lets a car roll into yours? Have you fixed it up yet?

Mine is an '84 GL with only Fwd & 5 spd. I'd post a pic, but I am out of space allegedly.

So, any luck in getting yours fixed?


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