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Hey guys, 

I’m hoping someone might help me out. 

I’m requesting a Legacy SS VIN for the purpose of looking up parts. We didn’t get the SOHC EJ22 turbo in Australia, we got a DOHC EJ20, so parts or diagrams don’t suit what I’m looking for. 

If anyone can help me out that’d be awesome. Feel free to PM me. 



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@lmdew - thanks mate, that’s be awesome!

@Mike104 - The EJ20 is the same as the one I’ve already got. I’m looking for details on EJ22t specific parts and know some sites that use the VIN to track down part numbers with exploded diagrams to boot. 

My AUDM RS equivalent of the SS is already on the site I use, but that engine doesn’t have the bits I want to look at. 



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