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Hello All --

I have a 2013 Impreza Sport 98K miles. My subie is currently at the dealership in Ohio for the engine valve spring recall and of course they find something major for my free service. The wheel bearing and rotor I believe need  attention because i hear a quiet rubbing noise while driving, but the timing cover and cam carrier reseal caught me off guard? My car has never leaked visible oil. I just had my Subaru mechanic do my 90K mile service in March and this wasn't seen.

Do the prices quoted below seem fair? I'm not seeing any leaks on my practically white driveway, is there really an issue?


Any help is appreciated Thank you!!

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The first item Rear Wheel Bearing @ $377 seems reasonable.

But the other 2 items seem grossly inflated.   But I'm only a shade-tree mechanic.  Others will have a better take on these items.

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Other useful information.. the same dealership forgot to put my oil cap back on after a routine oil change (a few oil changes ago), completely emptying my oil and needing steam cleaned.. They emailed me photos after I said I wanted to decline, with the following response:

On Thu, Jul 11, 2019, 2:32 PM JOE  wrote:
Ok I will let them know we are holding off on further repairs. The leak is not very big, but is present. Was founs on engine removal. The leak would be directly above your exhaust so it would not stain a drive way due to the exhaust burning the oil up. I will perform the recall and re-seal the valve covers with the recall. The front timing cover and cam carriers are not part of the recall. I will make all notes for you. The car will be done today. We will test drive after, Will tomorrow work for pick up?
On Thu, Jul 11, 2019 at 2:28 PM Amy  wrote:
Hi Joe, 
Thank you for the quote, although I think I will have to pass on the services at this time. I have a new, almost white driveway and my car has not been leaking anything, and nothing was detected at my 90k mile service in March of this year (regarding the reseal). Please make sure to have your guys reseal all of the engine parts properly so I receive it back in the same condition. 
I left you a voicemail as well, but I am back to work from lunch. Let me know when my subie will be ready for pick up. Thanks again.



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Yeah it's usually about $800 for us to do the front cover. Of course that's with the engine in the car. Not out on a stand. But dealer rates are much higher than us. I would likely quote that job at about $650 given the engine is out. What I know of dealer rates that's about right in line with my quote. It's not a small job. 

But that may not be the cover - might just need the phaser o-rings on the front replaced..... or it could be both. 


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