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Where to mount tow bar, 1984 wagon


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I've thought about this for a while now with my 86 GL wagon when installing my 4in lift.  Id find a way to connect direct to/through the bumper to the bumper attach  points with a permanent  attach point for the tow bar so it  comes off when not in use and easily re-attaches for towing.

My other thought was to find a connection to the cross member that goes under the engine and make a similar attachment point there and form the tow bar to go under the bumper and make it's hinged attach point there.  I was thinking of using the "tie down" points for the safety chains to attach to.

Ill take another looks at it as it's been 2 yrs since ive thought bout this...


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i use the tie down points with my tow bar but when i made the last bumper i made the bumper mounting brackets go through the bumper so i can use them or the tie downs

the thing to remeber is the tow bar is only there to keep the 2 cars apart all your safety and piece of mind come from the tow chains being set up corectly so if it hits the fan your car is still conected to the tow rig  one time i forgot to lock the tow bar on the ball and it poped off i was still in the driveway but shibit happens and if it wasent chained down it would have ended up in the creek i allways check my chains and tow bar before hitting the main road and every freeway change and gas stop i have flat towed my loyale thousands of miles on and off road the imprezza also with the same tow bar

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