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Hello from Athens Greece!

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Hello all,

I am not the owner of a Subaru, but the wife hαs inherited a VW T2 camper converted to a Subaru 1,8ltr EA82. The EA82 was converted from FI to carb!  The conversion was done 10yrs ago, but the car was never (extensively) tested and since then it has not moved for 9years, until last summer that we got it. The mechanic that did the conversion is now a pensioner and lives at a different city, so no help can be asked from him

Almost every local engineer I have visited sent me away, they do not want to mess with old stuff. So I will try by myself to fix and improve as much as I can.


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The car is heavily modified. It has little or maybe no "historic" value at all. So putting back a VW engine would be a big step back.

An EJ engine would make much more sense, but my current budget and time schedule do not allow me such projects...

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G’day lordvec, 

Do you have any pics you can share with us of the current setup? Add in some questions about what’s going on or what you’re chasing would be good too. 

The 80’s subforum would be a great place to post these questions as they relate to the EA82. 



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