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Realize now i havent been here in a long while... you can blame the reliability of my two foresters... :)

well, the electric driver window of my 2005 is really struggling going up and down, need to "help" the window go in both directions

Before i tackle this, I  tried to do a search for relevant posts, got all sorts of results BUT the ones i need 😶

Did try to lubricate a bit the glass itself to see if its just guide friction, but no, it hardly helped

So before tearing into the door, whats the most likely culprit?

your inputs are welcome

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I have not been into the 2005 Forester doors, but I could hit the yard and pull one open.  Since it's in both directions, it sounds like the window regulator hardware.  A good visual inspection will most likely tell you much.  Let me know if you want me to open one up at the yard.

You-Tube has a few replacement videos.  

Amazon has the complete part $60 

Email sent with links.

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car-parts.com has them for $42


They fail so often there is a thriving aftermarket supply for them plus many Youtube videos with hundreds of thousands of views.




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3 hours ago, turboguzzi said:

interesting, so essentially motor gets "tired" and best to replace the whole thing?

to a motorcyclist wrench like me it looks like the mechanism just needs TLC, but might be wrong


You might luck out and find and easy repair but all too often, the plastic rollers or the motor bushings/bearings are shot or the brushes or commutators in the motors are not salvageable. So much stuff these days is only made to last just past the warranty period and was never intended to be serviceable. There would not be a thriving aftermarket for these replacement units if the originals lasted longer or were relatively easy for a mechanic to fix without a full replacement needed.

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well, assembly arrived.... watched the video, was a bit of a cringing experience, who uses a power mini impact to tighten bolts that hold the glasss?....

Anyway, it does help preparing for the job tomorrow

my challenge is going to be the non working motor, means i cant lower the window to get to the glass retaining nuts....

Any ideas on how to make the mech go down without the motor working?

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