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Rear sway bar to gen2 Brat

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Hi Ed This is Jerry, yes Qman has done that swap. When you get your done let me know how to do it. I want one on my hatch street one. Thanks Jerry

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Well those links no longer go where they're supposed to. But I did find my old post in the USRM. I took pics while Qman and I installed the swaybar on the Brat and then sent them to Whiteline because their generic instructions were useless. They in turn did post them so the info can still be found here:


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That is pretty cool, and the pictures do help! I may try this some time!
It was an interesting project. The generic instructions that came with the swaybar suggested mounting it backwards. We never could figure out how to mount it until we turned it around (thanks to bluesoob who had a similar bar mounted on his Brat). I like Whiteline products, but this swaybar was originally manufactured by a competitor that Whiteline bought out. They weren't overly interested in researching or promoting the product.


However, it was cool ordering it direct from Australia. With VoIP, it was only 4 cents per minute to call them direct. Once I figured out when I had to call when they were open, they were quite willing to talk and help me identify the swaybar I needed. They also shipped it via air! I received it within 6 days of placing order! And the shipping costs were minimal; quite a surprise.

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