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Loyale Overheating problem

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I wonder if anyone can help me on this one, I own a 1993 Loyale wagon bought in Canada and have had some problems recently as per such :

Noisy lifters coming from cylinder # 4. The problem was recently corrected with the replacement of the oil pump, problem solved.

I however have an issue since the car was starting to overheat, problem I assumed was due to the oil pump going bad, I had my mechanics replace the oil pump and the the water pump ( with new OEM parts ) however the engine is overheating ( way more than it was with the old water pump ), I checked the rad and found that the rad sensor was not plugged so I plugged it in but no change.

The rad is not hot, the fan is not turning and there is no pressure in the top rad hose going to the engine, could this be due to a defective water pump or would it be a problem of another nature?

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Bottom line


you need a new radiator


the cooling fins delaminate from the cooling tubes


no flushing - roding or magic in a can, will cure it


We have seen this problem many times in the past.

(but I am but a grasshopper here at times)


Please do not take my word only on this ...


There is a search engine on the title bar


type in "overheating" and judge for your self.




May you solve this mystery quickly as your head gaskets

going south are only an overheat away

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NC nice of you to say so


You are welcome good luck


Hope it's a simple as this fix


many links to twin row rads and such

replacement rads are available


you are looking at under 1.25 c-note ($125) plus shipping

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my six is also over heating today amoung opther things i found out my right cooling fan was plugged in backwards i also found out it hurts like hell to stick your finger in a cooling fan i strongly reccomend not doing this as it will hurt like hell but also check your fan find some one you know who smokes and find out which way the fan is blowing pardon any spelling errors i am doing this one handed due to bandages

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