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  1. jeffast

    Legacy rear brakes onto Brat

    you know russ sometimes i get tired of you doing this stuff before me
  2. jeffast

    Where to Find an EJ22 Donor in Colorado?

    i think kingbobdole has a ej22 swap sitting in his garage for sale. hes in longmont co
  3. jeffast

    Putting an xtt digidash into an xt6

    because on the xt turbo the out side temp gauge is built into the dash not the trip computer so you have to ether share the signal from the stock sensor or add another sensor just for the dash
  4. jeffast

    Putting an xtt digidash into an xt6

    http://www.dakotadigital.com/index.cfm/page/ptype=product/product_id=127/prd127.htm you used to be able to find something like this on ebay for like $60 dollars this is what you want. also you need to get an additional temp sender for the digidashes outside temp gauge kingbobdole(kbd) installed a separate temp probe for inside temp i believe
  5. jeffast

    Putting an xtt digidash into an xt6

    i helped kingbobdole put one into his xt6 you have to re pin the harness from the digi dash to match the xt6 body harness and you have to change your temp sender on the engine and the fuel level sender in the gas tank, and get an adapter to make the tachometer 4 cylinder digi-dash read correctly on the 6 cylinder engine ignition signal you can find adapters on ebay. and im pretty sure there is a button to change between kph and mph
  6. oh great there goes the message board:lol:
  7. jeffast

    Looking to put an ez30/EG33 into an xt6

    i would say post this thread on subaruxt.com i have done an eg33 swap along with two other regulars on that board http://subaruxt.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=11526 this thread in particular should be helpful
  8. jeffast

    93 Impreza 2WD convert to 4WD ???

    i have used a legacy awd rear sub frame to convert a fwd impreza. it bolts right in but you will need an awd gas tank.
  9. just thought id up date this mine ran for the first time last week and should be driveable by next friday
  10. jeffast

    Cracked heads...

    if you do consider going with rebuilt heads i would use retro roo http://www.retroroo.com/ he specializes in 79 through 95 subarus edit: wow, didnt read the original post date on this one lol at me
  11. jeffast

    H6 100amp alternator on EJ22 swap

    im confused why do you have a fuse in your charging line?
  12. i remember a user doing one a few years ago with pics before and after i think his tag was subardave do a search
  13. well i started my swap in march of 2010 then the car sat for about a year and then two weeks ago, for no apparent reason the bug bit me again and i started working on it again. hoping to be driving it by the end of the month.