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drive axle remover question

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1) take off wheel

2) loosen the center nut, and get it flush with the end of the axle. Then beat it loose from the bearings.

3) seperate the lower controll arm from the spindel, and knock out the inner roll pin.

4) finish driving the axle through the bearings till it's free, and remove it from the car(U can just bend that flap of sheet metal out of the way, U will know whaen U see it;) )

5) do the axle dance and shake it all arou..............Uhhh...U might want to skip that last step:-p

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Take the control arm loose at the center pivot 1st, then the axle pin, then pull the DOJ off the trany stub. That should give you enough slack to knock the axle back through the hub.

Loosen the strut mounting bolts under the hood for more slack if needed.

Generous application of the BFH is permissible as long as you throw in a few expeletive deleteds.

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