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Check out this GL STI i spotted!

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Whether he has the horsepower to back that up or not, I can respect the amount of time that paint job took, it may be "rice" to some people, but at least it's not a Civic with a mis-matched body kit and a spraypainted hood...

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Wouldn't it have the body kit then? It doesn't have the turbo air deflectors by the rear wheel even.


And check this out


Is that the y-pipe going back.the turbo cross over pipe goes forward. I can't positively say what I'm seeing there though.


Thats the inside of the right front wheel.

My RX didnt have a body kit when I got it.

Cmon guys, I've seen some of the corny stuff some of you have done to your Soobs, give the guy a break.

At least he's a Subaru enthusiast and not afraid to show it.

I know of a guy thats a PNW local that has a WRX painted and decaled like that.

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also it needs a full body kit and it needs to be lowered


I Agree with the Body Kit, but I don´t Like the Idea of Lowerin´ it... Just Maybe Bigger Rims... :burnout:

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