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Mike W

Hankook tires

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The tire is the Hankook Winter iPike W409ire


I know, you're gonna say a review of Snow Tires does not belong in the Offroad section! But I gotta tell ya' that after driving these Hankooks for a couple of weeks in all sorts of conditions, I feel that that they may be the best all around tire you could put on a go anywhere Subaru. And since I only paid about $100 for a set through that online sale at Discount...I'm loving them.

If I could have only one set tires on an Outback kind of car, these are what I'd run. They hooked up really well on gravel logging roads, clean themselves in gloppy mud, pretty good on wet roads, and stick reasonably well on dry pavement. Hopefully in a week or so I'll get to try them on pure ice and deep snow. I'm running 205/70R-15, the standard size for an Outback. Usually I would go a size narrower for a snow tire but I'm happy I went with the factory size. They certainly are not Superswampers, they're not tarmac race tire, but if you're gonna ask one tire to do everything ok, this seems like a decent choice, especially if they're on sale.


I know a bunch of folks bought them. Have you used them yet and what do you think? Agree? Disagree?

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Nope. No good tires in a 16. . . :rolleyes:


Of course man.

I have two different sets. These ones have been tried out, I love them. Another variation of Hankooks.


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