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TWB Testimonials Needed.

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If anybody here has equipment on their rig that was made by Soobme (Tony Bowers) please reply here with a testimonial. I would like to use them for the webpage im putting together for him.


If you have a picture of your car with the equipment on it, please attatch the image to the post. I would love to use that as well.


I myself have a TWB Soobfari Roof Rack, and I absolutly love it. I could grab ahold of it and flip my car if i wanted to, and Im not affraid to pile a few hundred pounds ontop of it. The fabrication and quality of the product is A++, i coudlnt be happier.


Of course, pictures can be found at http://twb.usmb.net



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I have one sweet set of front and rear bumpers, i got them on the car in less than 12 hours after i got them, i had to go to class first but as soon as i got out, despite the 0 degree weather i got them on, i do have pics but the resolution is too high so i cant post them, if i can get the go ahead for the gallery i will get them up asap.

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I just ordered one of those from him, about a week ago. Will post pics of it as soon as I get it, and have it on my '82.


May be a bit before that happens though. His Wife has more urgent matters for him to work with now.

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