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    OP again. Well, I replaced the ABS sensor on the right rear and no dice! Still had the same three lights. I scanned it again and now it produced three codes: ABS open or shortECM control systemSteering angle sensor WTF???? OK, at this point I gave up and took it to a repair shop. They have a guy there that came to them from Subaru. He ID'd the problem immediately as he used to see it all the time at the Dealer. Turned out it was packrats. They had jumped up on top of the fuel tank and made camp just under the top access plates which are located under the rear seat. Problem solved albeit at great expense. Maybe this will save someone else the annoyance and expense of taking it somewhere. Here's a couple photos. jor
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    I have never killed third in a 5sp, but I cant say the same for second. With both 1st and 2nd being part of the main shaft I've killed 5 of them haha. I really think it is a flex and shock issue but if you treat them with a little care they will stay together. If you happen to shred third you can just replace that gear which is nice when compared to the entire main shaft as I mentioned for the lesser two gears.
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    Drove a Crosstreck today. Too small and light afoot. Forrester is too high and squat. As in the Three Bears, the Outback seemed just right. I must say after a few laps around the block, it is pretty elegant. HOWEVER, the same sales rep that hooked us on Sunday suddenly upped his price quote on a loaner car as well as reducing the trade from $2K to $500. I'd rather drive it into the ground. I felt like I was watching the car sales scene from Fargo.
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    WOW! This suggestion is was did it! Thank you very much, greatly appreciated. I simply rolled the window all the way up, held the button in for a couple of extra seconds then rolled it all the way down and held it for a couple of seconds. It now works from both driver and passenger doors! like magic.