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    Everyone was pretty much spot on … my brother took the car to local a Subie shop and they fixed the car in the parking lot while he waited. Thanks for the quick responses and expert info as always!
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    @el_freddo the "two black things" behind the RH Strut Tower are Vacuum related, can see the Vac lines leaving them from underneath. Cannot recall off hand what they are for... The Black Box with the Blue Plug, labeled Mitsuba, or something like that, is 3rd Eye Related. The Black Box on top of the Coil is supposedly an Ignitor, however it has an additional Loom that connects to the Distributor. This is NOT typical on any of my Subaru's here that I have seen. The only thing I can compare it to is the "SUPER Coil" that I have seen in Accessory Parts Catalogues in the "Awesome Older Gen Photo Thread". I think what it does is read the position of the Advance in the Distributor and (recurves?) the Ignition Timing for the Load/Throttle Position, etc. at hand.
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    All fixed! HGs were actually ok. Bloody frost plug let go. Makes sense as it didn't get hot.
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    27x8.5 R14 General Grabber ATX with a 2" ADF lift kit