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  1. Yeah? You got a Facebook by anychance? This sight requires a photo host thing and my Photobucket is so back logged it will take like a week to get it to load the pics.
  2. You can have the column for $65 shipped should cover it. I don't really have any wheels that I want to get rid of. You could pry a nice uncracked black one from me for $150 though. ????
  3. I think your post is in the wrong spot. But I do have a good column up for grabs.
  4. I do have a whole column with a good switch and key. Suppose I could pull it off.
  5. Looks like a U5 motor. Probably with an electronic throttle. I've heard of them acting up in weird ways.
  6. I do have two sets in my parts room. I also know there is a giant box full of them locked in the back of the Holmgren storage van. :/
  7. Whoa! Your actually gonna bring the snow shark to WBM this year!?
  8. Subafreak

    GFT Hardtop

    Yeah. I was gonna say I have a rear window. But forgot you were far away. Shipping would be interesting.
  9. Subafreak

    GFT Hardtop

    What's wrong with the window in your coupe?
  10. But next weekend would be so much better for me. Lol.