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  1. Yeah? You got a Facebook by anychance? This sight requires a photo host thing and my Photobucket is so back logged it will take like a week to get it to load the pics.
  2. You can have the column for $65 shipped should cover it. I don't really have any wheels that I want to get rid of. You could pry a nice uncracked black one from me for $150 though. ????
  3. I think your post is in the wrong spot. But I do have a good column up for grabs.
  4. Looks like a U5 motor. Probably with an electronic throttle. I've heard of them acting up in weird ways.
  5. I do have two sets in my parts room. I also know there is a giant box full of them locked in the back of the Holmgren storage van. :/
  6. Whoa! Your actually gonna bring the snow shark to WBM this year!?
  7. Yeah. I was gonna say I have a rear window. But forgot you were far away. Shipping would be interesting.
  8. What's wrong with the window in your coupe?
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