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Found 10 results

  1. My outback is saying misfire on cylinder 3 & 4. Shop says try unplugging MAF sensor while acting up, and that will tell me if that's the problem. Can't find it for the life of me. They sell MAF sensors for this year, but I see in various forums that there is no MAF sensor in this model. Please help. I've found the MAP sensor. I also replaced plugs and wires. Going to replace coil pack next.
  2. Hell folks, long time lurker first time poster. Having a heck of a bad week with my much loved outback (2004, 2.5l, Canadian). To keep things clear I will stat at the beginning... Just before Christmas, the wagon all of a sudden started to stall in neutral, or when I would press the clutch, this seemed to happen randomly when the car was warmed up. The problem went away for about ten days, only to reappear with a vengeance. (Check engine also appeared) so we bit the bullet and took it to a local garage. They said that there were misfire codes and changed the plugs/wires/coils, later in the day they called back and informed me that the problem was still there and that everything associated with the intake was heavily carbonized. So they did and injector cleaning,and cleaned all of the sensors. After that the problem was still present, they said the egr valve was too carbonized and beyond cleaning. I retrieved the car from them, deciding to find a replacement egr on my own. After removing and cleaning the egr myself (10 min job, was nice and springy after) the car seemed to work perfectly, leading me to believe we had been fleeced... The next day, leaving the city, everything was fine, until the car warmed up. Now my problem is: around 1-2000 rpm the car kicks and bucks like crazy, once past 2000 rpm the car works fine but a little jerky when giving gas, i re-cleaned the egr thinking maybe it needed further cleaning. After testing the car again today, same problem, after the engine is good and warm, it struggles and bucks when driving around in first and second gear till you are past 2000 rpm. After getting a big bill from a garage that didn't fix my problem I am dreading dropping more money at this than I have to. Anyone else have any similar experiences? Or can help me figure out what is going on? Thx in advance
  3. My 2004 Subaru Outback wagon failed inspection today due to an oil leak. I saw the oily mess under the front end. They cleaned all the oil off the underside and put in UV dye to diagnose the leak. I'm supposed to go back tomorrow for a diagnosis, but I suspect they're going to "diagnose" something super expensive and possibly, totally unnecessary. Why? Because the very first thing they suggested was, "it's probably the head gasket." The head gasket was replaced at 140k miles in 2012 by a Subaru dealership I trust (in another state.) Since then, it's never overheated (never even close!) no white smoke, no coolant issues at all, no chocolate-milky oil goop, no head gasket symptoms. It's at 190k miles now, and the oil was changed just last week. (In another state at my parent's mechanic, he mentioned an oil leak but said it was "nothing serious.") Attached is a photo of the area they cleaned (I drove it 5 miles, took picture.) Can anyone point to a more likely source of the oil leak? I'd like to go in there tomorrow having a clue, but I can't even identify the parts in the photo. That's the oil pan, right? Could it honestly be the head gasket again? So soon? Help? Advice? Pity?
  4. My 2004 Subaru Outback wagon suddenly got super loud on acceleration, and I'm guessing this broken pipe is the culprit? (Pic attached.) Can anyone tell me exactly which part this is, and a general idea of how expensive it might be to repair? Is it just a welding issue, or will the part need to be replaced? Any DIY exhaust repair options I could try? I do most minor repairs myself, but I have no welding tools. I can't afford much, so I'm trying to educate myself to ensure I don't get ripped off. I'm new in town, my trusty Subaru guru is 500 miles away. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  5. Hi All...looking for a little help before I likely head to a mechanic soon. 2004 Subaru Outback, Limited 2.5L 4 cylinder 185,000 Miles Purchased at 75,000 in 2009...and I haven't touched the transmission or transmission fluid...I know, I know... When I start the car...idle has a slight sputter. For a split second, it seems it may think about dying...really a hair of a second, then continues on idling. (I'm going to re-verify this tonight because it's the part that doesn't make sense to me). The primary issue is at highway speed. Let's say you let off the gas at 40, 50, 60mph. Coast for a second...then get on the gas again (light or hard), the car doesn't find a gear (assumption based on the feel) and just starts clunkering/jerking around until I manually move the shifter to 3rd. The car rights itself instantly in 3rd...I move back to D and we're mostly ok again...until I let off the gas and get on the gas again. Now today was the first time in drive, while consistently accelerating that it seemed to slip and couldn't maintain the gain, so I put it back in 3rd and all was good. I also got the flashing check engine light today...moved down to 3rd and all was good...CEL went solid instead flashing. This happens at lower speeds as well...just not as pronounced of a feel. I kind of feel I'm on borrowed time with the transmission, right? or am I way off?
  6. I have been doing some research today trying to figure some issues with the wife's car. She has a 2004 Outback and the sub-fan is not operating. From what I can tell, it would be a matter of three possibilities. One, the easiest, a blown fuse. Two, a bad relay. Three, a bad fan. I have been trying to find pictures, directions, etc. on which relay this could possibly be. I don't have the car in front of me at the moment, but from what I understand, there are four relays in this enclosure, but no one is sure which relay could be the culprit. Is there someone that could share a photo of which relay it could possibly be instead of checking each one? I appreciate any help on this that I could get in steering me in the right direction.
  7. I had been taking really good care of my Subie, an '04 FXT with only 76K miles, in very good shape, except…. when my turbo blew out recently, and then blew out my engine. Subaru service proposed, as no surprise, a new turbo and new engine as the solution, Problem is the $8K they quoted that I don't have. Should I try to sell my Subie as is? Where should I go to sell (a Subaru forum like this?, eBay?), how much could I expect?
  8. Thought it might be appropriate to check in again, since my first was moved out (thanks, 777!) to a better place. As the subject says, Nebraska is home these days, but I grew up a few miles from the Dallas Cowboys' home in Arlington, Texas... I'll be on a Greyhound bus from Omaha tomorrow afternoon to Cleveland, Ohio, Saturday morning to pick up my first Subaru: a well-worn but CarFax approved '04 L.L. Bean. Happy to be here, and certain to find lots of great people with plenty of advice!
  9. Hi all. I am new to this forum, but am seeking some assistance with some relatively cost effective ways to boost the performance on my 2004 Forester XS, five speed manual. It is stock standard at the moment, and I would just like to get a little more performance out of it. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  10. I'm looking for a used car, that I can mod and I found this. What do you guys think about moding this car? And what's your overall opinion of it?
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