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Found 6 results

  1. Hi Guys, I'm currently in Vancouver BC, Canada. On a migratory road trip from Utah to Alaska in my trusty 87 GL Wagon. Before I took off I worked on and fixed everything I could think of to try and make it a solid and dependable ride for the trip, I noticed I had a rusted out hole in the seam of my muffler, but it didn't seem to be effecting performance and basically just made the car sound like it had a glass pack muffler on it so I let it slide. I've never done any exhaust work before aside from replacing manifolds, and accidentally pulling one of my studs out of the cylinder head when I re-sealed the engine (Still gotta helicoil that or something) Then on my way through Grand Forks, British Columbia, they just so happened to be in the middle of a 200 year flood, but the road was still open, so I drove through ~2-3 feet of water on their main drag downtown. (Here's a video I shot if you're interested to see what that looked like) When I arrived in Vancouver, and was idling at the stoplights on my way to a friend's place, the exhaust started rattling so loudly that I thought it had come loose and was somehow smacking the body of the car. That rattle comes and goes now, only when I'm idling. The engine idles at about 1000rpm when it's warm now instead of 700 like it used to, I've got a sort of noticeable power loss, and my gas mileage has dropped 4-6MPG. I'm pretty well assuming the muffler needs to be replaced, it sounds like there's something loose in there that knocks loudly at idle and is partially blocking airflow. So here's what I'm wondering as I'm thinking about getting this fixed and moving on towards Alaska: -It looks like the exhaust essentially has a front and a rear section, so provided I can get a new rear section here, is this something I would be able to do in someone's driveway (assuming someone will loan me their driveway) with a pretty basic socket and wrench toolbox? That's what I've got. -Anything weird I should keep an eye out for while looking for parts?(gaskets, springs?, bolts, Junkyards maybe?) I've never bought parts in Canada before. -If I do too much running around with my exhaust a little messed up like this is there some potential engine damage in my future? I imagine this can't be too good for it. -In the meantime would I be better off just cutting off the muffler and running a straight pipe? Since I'll be replacing it anyway? It's late so I'll probably post some photos tomorrow, any thoughts or advice would be much appreciated. Thanks a million, as always guys
  2. I have an o8 impreza wrx wagon. I want to make it breath better, New down pipe, new exhaust header, no or new cat, new pipe front to back, a new more free flowing muffler. And a cold air intake if that is posiable Then the real trouble is i am throwing a bearing on my stock turbo and instead of just replacing it thought about putting the one from an sti on it just don't know if it will work any help would be appreciated i am very new at this.
  3. Hi everyone, I have a 1996 outback, and it's giving me a weird problem. When my check engine lights turn on, my temp gauge reads fine, on the halfway mark. But when the check engine lights is off, the temp gauge goes up pass the halfway mark. And the check engine lights goes on and off at random start ups. I don't really know what's going on. Before this happened, I worked on the timing belt, replaced the water pump and thermostat. Could it be the thermostat that is causing this weird readings? And what about the check engine light? With the check engine light, I was thinking that it was probably from the engine? When replacing the timing belt, on the first try, it didn't turn on, but I kept cranking it and cranking it. Then on the second try, I think I might have forced the alignment, at one point, and turned the shaft when it was really stiff. ... and possibly damaged something inside the engine. Would that throw a check engine light? And one other issue I would like to address, since I am here. Earlier today, I replaced the resonator pipe and the muffler. bought the package from ebay. they totally shipped wrong parts to me. what a disappointment. The whole package is suppose to be black, but instead, they sent the silver muffler. And when I put them together, the two wouldn't not align. They are twisted at least 1 and 1/2 inches from each other. And they said it fits many 1996-1997 subarus: outback, impreza, legacy. ... And then I noticed, there are condensation dripping out of the connection between the resonator pipe and the Catalytic pipe. Is it just because it wasn't tight enough? But I have screwed completely as far as I can screw (up to the smooth part of the bolt, where the spring would be). As of right now, my outback is in the garage with no muffler. .... :'( Sorry, this is alot, but any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Thank you.
  4. Hey everyone. I have a 01 Legacy Outback sedan that I just replaced the entire exhaust. The header is Emusa brand with unequal lengths. The shop only put one cat on and a Flowmaster muffler. I believe the pipe width is either 2.25'' or 2.5". The car has an awesome deep sound until you get to the muffler, and then it RATTLES. I took it back to the shop to have the hangers checked and they told me that the rattle was from so much air flow and that a resonator would help with the rattle. The real reason I had the exhaust replaced was because the Check Engine light came on, and Advanced said that it was either a bad cat or O2 sensor. The muffler shop told me that my O2 sensors were fine, and like I said, they replaced one of the Cats and deleted the other BUT when I had them check the computer, they said that Subaru's require 2 cats. My check engine light came back on after the reset and now it is shaking like crazy at stops with the car in Drive. Three questions: 1. What will get the rattle out of my exhaust? 2. Does Subaru require 2 Cats or do I need to replace my O2s? 3. How do I fix the shaking at stops with the car in drive? I am including the link for the Header so that you all can see exactly what I bought. http://www.speedyracer.com/headers/exhaust-parts/headers/1999-2005-SUBARU-IMPREZA-25L-RS-SOHC-HEADER-STAINLESS I have not gotten to do a lot of maintenance to the car yet. (I got excited with Income Tax, I know.) I have replaced the following: Air filter Cabin air filter PCV valve Fuel Filter (Octane Booster also) Synthetic Oil Change
  5. My 2004 Subaru Outback wagon suddenly got super loud on acceleration, and I'm guessing this broken pipe is the culprit? (Pic attached.) Can anyone tell me exactly which part this is, and a general idea of how expensive it might be to repair? Is it just a welding issue, or will the part need to be replaced? Any DIY exhaust repair options I could try? I do most minor repairs myself, but I have no welding tools. I can't afford much, so I'm trying to educate myself to ensure I don't get ripped off. I'm new in town, my trusty Subaru guru is 500 miles away. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  6. My wife noticed a metal rattling sound coming from the muffler when standing outside the car when I was pulling into our garage - I checked it out and it turns out that a metal rattling/slight scraping sound lasting about 2-3 seconds could be heard every every 10 seconds or so when our 2003 3L H6 VDC Subaru Outback is in drive. What could be the cause? It seems to only be coming from the muffler - can't trace the sound to anywhere else under the car.
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