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  1. 12 hours ago, azdave said:

    The schematic can mislead you but the circled thermostat is actually in-circuit at all blower speed selections. ...


    With the battery disconnected, I tested the resistance from the AC relay, through the thermostat and fan speed switch, to ground.


    You're right!   The thermostat is part of the circuit in the four fan speed positions.

    Thank you for the response!



    12 hours ago, azdave said:





  2. 7 hours ago, DaveT said:

    How many miles on the alternators?  They typically wear out a brush right around 150k miles, causing low output.  I've rebuilt several of the alternators since 1988, 150k is very repeatable.  A couple of times the internal regulator or the rectifiers died.

    That sounds about right.   Both alternators that recently went bad had well over 100,000 miles on them.


  3. My front main seal leaked, and I saw that I was losing oil pressure just as I was on a highway on ramp.   I had definitely driven with low oil for a few miles, but good oil pressure.   

    So glad I noticed the dipping oil pressure gauge!

    I replaced the crankshaft seal, and topped up the oil.

    In startup, it sounded like the hydraulic valves ticked until they were filled with oil.


    I have a new sound above 2000 rpm, well represented on the video.  


    Any guesses?



  4. On 7/22/2021 at 9:12 AM, el_freddo said:

    Common problem that one. Tricky if you don’t know what to look for. The symptoms make sense as this being the issue. It’s a relatively easy fix once you’ve got the part.



    The ignition control module, in the distributor, has a condenser. The 1984 GL does not have points.    Could the condenser go bad and cause the problem mentioned?


  5. On 5/21/2021 at 7:47 AM, el_freddo said:

    Before it baulks does it sound or feel like it’s running out of power? 

    If so, it’s probably fuel starvation of some description. It could be the fuel pump as previously stated. They shouldn’t be too noisy. You should hear it prime then die before starting the engine. After start up you shouldn’t her the pump over the noise of the EA81!



    I did not notice a loss in power before the balking.  I tried to recreate the problem today, and I was unable to make it balk.

    I did some before and after measurements.

    Old fuel pump, 2psi (13.8 kPa) at carb, 594 cc/ minute unrestricted flow.


    New fuel pump 5psi (34.5 kPa)at carb, 983cc/minute unrestricted flow.

    The unrestricted flow was from the forward fuel filter, so there must have been some loss to the vapor return line.


    Is 2psi fuel.pressure a problem with a Hitachi?

  6. ,85 BRAT, Hitachi, 49 state, new fuel filters, old loud fuel pump, new front and rear fuel filters.

    The car will hesitate and lurch under certain conditions.

    If I let the car just idle still for a while, and then accelerate, there is not problem accelerating, until about 20 seconds into it, then the balking begins.  The normal acceleration indicates to me that both carb barrels are working.


    I just drove this car up a 1/10 mile 7% incline several times.  I let this car idle, still, at the bottom of the hill every time before I did the test.

     2nd gear, 2,000 rpm, the car makes it up the hill just fine.

    2nd gear, 2,500rpm, the car starts balking halfway up the hill.

    I am guessing the problem is the fuel pump, or the valve which fills the float bowl.  

    Am I missing something?





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