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  1. Is that a 2CV or a truckette in your lot?
  2. Hydropneumatic

    Carlisle talk East Coast meet

    I'm going! I registered as a vendor, actually, to hopefully clear out my shed. Bringing the remnants of my NOS parts stash along with a few used items, including some Peugeot rims. Anything unsold by Saturday afternoon will go CHEAP. Maybe even free.
  3. Hydropneumatic

    Will 14" 4x140 steel wheels fit on an EA81?

    Crap, I think you're right.
  4. I had advertised these in the parts forum as 13" wheels, but today I discovered they're actually 14" wheels: I know there are issues with ea81 13" wheels hitting the brake caliper on ea82 models, but would there be any clearance issues using a 14" steel wheel (I think they might have been for an XT coupe) on an ea81 car?
  5. To get the spline shaft out of the wheel bearing, it helps to use a hub puller along with a heavy hammer. Get the puller torqued, then hit the drive screw with something like a two pound hammer or sledge. Usually only takes a few whacks for the hub to pop loose, but it needs that shock to get things separated.
  6. Hydropneumatic

    1989 RX coupe EA82T 4EAT restoration

    Just sold the car locally to a guy in Maryland who sounds like he appreciates it and will do it justice. Let it go for $500-600 less than what I had into it, but oh well. I'll make up for that when I sell the Peugeot I bought for $500.
  7. Hydropneumatic

    1989 RX coupe EA82T 4EAT restoration

    And we're live: http://r.ebay.com/pEf581
  8. Hydropneumatic

    1989 RX coupe EA82T 4EAT restoration

    Started to remove the front bumper in order to straighten it as much as I could before advertising the car for sale. After an hour or two of struggle, I realized nearly the whole front end needs to come apart on these older cars in order to get the bumper off, and every other bolt is blocked by some other part. Something to be said for CAD-based engineering, if you ask me. What really made me throw in the towel was needing to reach the bumper bracket bolts blocked by the windshield washer reservoir and resonator box in the front passenger corner. Anyway, I'm selling it as it stands, warts and all. New OEM brakes at all four corners, new right front axle, new rear crossmember, replacement taillight to fix broken backup light lens, first thorough (sort of) cleaning in years. This car is so fun to drive I'm really going to miss it.
  9. When I had bubbles in the coolant reservoir, it turned out to be the head gaskets. Here's a thread on another board on the subject of EZ30 head gasket issues: http://www.subaruoutback.org/forums/88-head-gasket-issues/28212-h6-3-0-head-gasket-failure.html
  10. Hydropneumatic

    1989 RX coupe EA82T 4EAT restoration

    I'll see what I can do. As much as it pains me, I've decided to sell the RX once I get the crossmember replaced and new rear brakes installed. I need to clear my plate of projects, and I need to free up some cash. I'm leaning toward posting it on eBay, but if you're dying to have a car like this, PM me.
  11. I would replace it. But if you do reuse it, at the very least take a small, fine file and smooth the edges of the broken section. The jagged portion of the pulley could damage the belt and lead to premature failure.
  12. Hydropneumatic

    1989 RX coupe EA82T 4EAT restoration

    So after taking a detour to acquire a 1975 Peugeot 604, a hoard of Peugeot parts, and a hoard of new old stock Subaru parts, I finally got back to dealing with the rear crossmember. To answer the question last debated, the rear crossmember I found from a 1991 AWD non-turbo station wagon is 100% identical to the one on my RX. New England vs. Oregon: I could fold the outer portion of the swingarm bracket by hand. I think this might have had something to do with my negative camber.
  13. Hydropneumatic

    1989 RX coupe EA82T 4EAT restoration

    Sure they do. For example: the 1998 Forester was the only year with the DOHC EJ25 motor. The '99 and '00 use the SOHC motor. The body is exactly the same, with only the mechanicals and incidentals changed. Somewhere along the way i learned that Subaru uses different part numbers for the taillights from '98 versus '99/'00. Having compared them side-by-side, however, I can tell you that there is absolutely no difference between them. There is no way Subaru made 19 variants of a rear crossmember. I'll be sure to photograph the parts together for reference and note any difference.
  14. Hydropneumatic

    1989 RX coupe EA82T 4EAT restoration

    Modifying an exhaust hanger I can handle. What I don't want to do is fabricate brackets for the swing arms and have my camber just as screwed up as it is now.
  15. Hydropneumatic

    1989 RX coupe EA82T 4EAT restoration

    If I have to find a rear crossmember from an '88 or '89 RX coupe, I may as well start calling fabrication shops. Are they really different, or are there just different part numbers for the different models? I can see that there could be 19 different configurations of G-body Loyales, but I can't imagine each one had a fundamentally different suspension component. That would be insane.