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  1. Is it just the pitching stopper and related items just not quite being adjusted? I just can't imagine that they made the car body itself any different for the 4 vs 2 wheel drive. Maybe some bolt on pieces, etc, maybe a small panel that got welded on I guess but it should be removable.
  2. At least in my brat with a carb engine, with no alternator. The wire on the back of mine melted for some weird reason and I drove over 100 miles on just the battery. I had to use no accessories at all. The first indication it gave was that the radio quit working.
  3. I have done more on 84 EA81T and EJ22 than the ea82T but doesnt it have a mark guide on the front of the motor as well, like on the timing belt cover?
  4. This is a really well done article. I did not know about techinfo.subaru.com but it only covers models down to 1993 so that might be why I haven't used it before since all my Subarus are older than 87 right now. And please by all means let me know when you feel it is up to your standards and I will input it to the USRM for you. Thanks!
  5. They were saved and our search function works really well. I did a search: http://usmb.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/search.php?s=&action=showresults&searchid=669&sortby=lastpost&sortorder=descending and it showed me the thread you were referencing with 4900 visits. -Shawn
  6. Which is almost fancy too. He recommended some inexpensive solutions in his book that I don't have here at work but maybe somebody else can shed light. I believe he built his out of wood like 2x6's and 2x4's on opposite sides of each other but the book described it better. Or are you talking about a commercially made one?
  7. His name is Mike, he owns and runs http://www.swingsstuff.com/ I visited his shop about 2 years ago and met him he is really nice and had an amazing used parts stash for older subarus. I think he got rid of a lot of it though. -Shawn
  8. Im one of the guys that came on here saying the ign switch replacement stinks and that I would rather replace the column. Its mostly true but I have gotten pretty good at them. Patience and a small 10MM thin ignition wrench, along with a strong back and some patience can make the job pretty reasonable. You will be on your knees next to the vehicle to do it so bring something comfortable to buy yourself patience. If you have a spare column and two locks and a helper, the column swap is easier. If you don't and you buy a new ignition switch or at least have one you KNOW is good then its a toss up.
  9. Yes you should have had to re-register. It was one of the few things we couldnt import.
  10. Bradd what are you doin over here already LOL! More ant less grasshopper. We are working as fast as we can!
  11. And getting my post count up without moving it over!
  12. Just playing with the quick reply feature.
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