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  1. Thanks everyone. I got the new tire yesterday, and Costco did cover it under the road hazard warranty. They even waived the $1.09 disposal fee for the old tire, so I wasn't charged anything.
  2. They are all-season touring tires with a tread ware rating of 620 (michelin mxv4's) and 60k warranty. I bought them at Costco, so I'm hoping this is covered in their road hazard warranty.... we shall see.
  3. '93 legacy AT AWD I just put a hole in the sidewall of one of my new tires. No chance of patching it. The tires have ~5k miles on them. With this low of mileage, can I replace the one tire or am I SOL?
  4. '93 legacy, AWD A/T, 165k I am not exactly sure how to describe this, but my legacy has started to misbehave when accelerating, typically when going up a hill. When additional power is requested (on a hill), it feels like the front wheel(s?) just won't hook up. It makes the car buck/lurch for about a second, but then it seems to hook up and drives okay. It feels like some kind of drivetrain issue to me. This has been occuring for about 2 weeks. At first it was very intermittenent, but now it happens almost every time I apply power when going up a hill. It has happened on the flat a couple of times recently, especially starting from a stop. Also, in the morning when it is cold, I hear a faint noise that sounds like it's coming from the front left. It's kind of a wah-wah-wah sound and it seems to be in time with the front wheels (speeds up/slows down with the speed of the car). It sounds different from the bad wheel bearings that I've heard before; it just doesn't have that grinding noise. Today, on the way in to work it scared me a little. It was feeling a little bit loose and floaty, and suddenly pulled very hard to the right. I was in the truck lane on I-5, which I don't typically drive in because it's so bad, so it could have just been the ruts in the road. I did pull over because I was envisioning losing a wheel bearing and causing a big wreck. I shook both front wheels and didn't feel any play at all. There was no noticable heat or smells, so I continued on and it seemed okay (no more loose-ness). I replaced both front axels with MWE's about 10-15k ago. What could this be, and how would you go about diagnosing it? I plan on putting in the FWD fuse on the way home to see if it helps. My tires are pretty old and could be out of spec, and the tranny and diffs could all use some fresh oil. I can measure the tire circumfrences and change the oil this weekend.
  5. Fixed it! I replaced the CTS and there was no improvement. The rad fan turned off when I moved it out of defrost, I will remember that one now... I attempted to start it with the gas petal floored incase it was flooded. No dice. I read the troubleshooting procedure in the FSM, and it listed that a symptom of oxygen sensor failure was "failure to start". I had no idea the o2 could prevent it from starting. I disconnected the o2 and was able to start it with the gas petal floored, and it would stay running but was really rough. I replaced the o2 today, and she's all better. It took a while to clear all the extra gas, but as soon as it was up to operating temp again she was running nice and smooth. Thanks all!
  6. I have had no problems driving the car. Parked it in the garage last Friday. Monday morning, it won't start but it does turn over and cranks. I have checked the following things: -- spark, good in #1 cyl. Didn't check the rest -- fuel, appears to be getting fuel, didn't measure fuel pressure -- timing belt- took of the end covers. Belt is intact and has good tension. Didn't check timing marks. -- codes- only stored code is 32 o2 sensor I did notice that the radiator fans run continuously when the key is on. Is this normal? I'm thinking about replacing the coolant temp sensor. Can the CTS fail in a way that would prevent the car from starting?
  7. '93 legacy awd a/t, 144k. I was going to do a quick axle change last night, but now it seems like I am going to need to replace the inner and outer tie rod ends on the driver's side. The outer because the bolt/stud part is freely rotating (happened after I got the nut off during disconnection vi BFH). The inner because the boot is trashed and it looks pretty gunky in there. So, now this is more of a project, I'm wondering what else I should replace while I'm in there...I don't have a lot of extra time right now, but I do have the cash for some more parts. What would you replace? Tie rods on the other side? Ball joints? Wheel bearings (they seem okay)? Struts (susp is a little soft but not bad)? Any bushings I should consider? I'm planning on keeping the car another 5 years/ 50k or so.
  8. Problem solved... just wanted to follow up the thread. I put a new PCS on, and the car still had the same not-starting behavior. I did the ECU reset procedure and voila! she runs like new.
  9. I have had a CEL on my '93 legacy for about 3 months now for a purge control solenoid. Yesterday morning my car cranked really good but just wouldn't start. I pulled the codes and got 21 CTS, 32 oxygen, and 35 purge control. I put in a new CTS last night and it was a little hard to start but ran well after it started. This morning I went to leave for work, and it wouldn't start again! Same thing it was cranking hard but just wouldn't start... could the purge control be causing this? I thought that was just emissions junk.... thx!
  10. Do you suppose the same offer would apply for my boyfriend? We'll see if I can get the old girl up in time... we're having some serious steering issues at the moment and my suspension has been rather.... tired... ever since Brooklyn this summer... go figure
  11. Sister7

    So who's going to Brooklyn this weekend?

    I am really hoping to make it... new axles from MWE arrive today and are getting installed tonight
  12. Sister7

    Next ORG rallycross--May 4th--Hillsboro, OR

    Well we're getting close! Suprised we haven't gotten a tire... I mean weather... report from Ed yet :-p . The RX and I will certainly be making an appearance. I'm going to be letting the boyfriend drive too, which should be quite fun.... as long as I beat his times!!!
  13. Sister7

    can i see your RX?

    Seems like all I can find are dirty pictures
  14. Sister7

    Mystery coolant leak?

    Could be intake gaskets
  15. I already said that :-p .... good non-rallyx sundays look like 4/20, 4/27, 5/11, 5/18, 5/25