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  1. Hey guys the new video is out of how to install a sticker. Also my merch just got in so be sure to look in the description for details on getting something.https://youtu.be/Bkkj0LV_n2A
  2. A quick how to for your CV axle
  3. Quick and easy how to on replacing your wheel bearing.
  4. Quick video to see if you have a bad bearing or tie rod.
  5. Just a quick video on what L/C and FFS is and how to use it.
  6. A quick video installing my NRG wheel with the quick release and hub.
  7. Mudflap install video is live, I am probably more excited then I should be to have new mudflaps.
  8. I made my first vlog and finally got to get some footage from racing. Enjoy!!
  9. Just a quick video of how I installed my rood scoop and vent on my Sti.
  10. Finally got around to the long over due install of my engine and transmission mount.
  11. Unboxing and how to install the Sparco Fighter Seats in my 04 Sti. Big thanks to Step 1 Motorsports for the great deal on them!!
  12. Simple install on my 04 STi for the Glow Shift Oil Pressure gauge install.
  13. Front and rear tow hook install on my 04 STi,
  14. A quick video on how to change the oil on your Subaru.
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