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  1. I’ll second doing a relay conversion. Check the voltage at the lights vs at the battery to see what you’re missing. Relays will put full voltage to the lights.
  2. Hello all. I’ve got a 78 Brat in need of some rear swing arm bushings. The listings for Leone at suspension.com don’t seem to be what I see when I look under the car. Anyone have suggestions or sources?
  3. And now an update on my original issue. Sort of... I pulled the front axle shafts and inner joints and all is well in the world. Noise is gone, shifters don’t vibrate any more. One or both axles were bad or badly unbalanced. Now running RWD and loving it!
  4. Any fuel line leaks? Fuel pump stronger than the float bowl seal?
  5. I’m sorry to say you’ve got a real mess on your hands. Is this your daily driver or a “fun” car? If you can have it off the road for a bit it would pay to make a deep dive and clean it all up. As electrical systems go it’s a pretty simple one. Study the wiring diagrams and try to find some tutorials on basic automotive wiring, then start replacing everything you can. If it’s a car you’re counting on daily I’d suggest starting from any bulb chase every wire back to its source and check it against the wiring diagram. If you find a bad spot or a shady repair re-wire it with new wire and hack the old circuit out. You’ll get through it all eventually!
  6. Ok, now I actually have an update. As the roads are cold and wet but not frozen I decided to try running with 4wd engaged on my commute. No rum-rum-rum noise at all! I confirmed that 4wd was actually engaged when I tried to coast into my parking spot and got the bind I expected. A mechanic I work with suspects that there is a bearing that turns when in 2wd (separating the drive from the rear output) that does not need to turn on its own when 4wd is engaged. For those who have had the transmission apart does that make sense?
  7. No, still happens. It’s dead cold out now so I’m just driving it and learning to love it until spring. Some folks on a Facebook group are certain that it’s a bent wheel and I do have at least one that’s not entirely square. In thee spring I plan to do front sus bushings and dig up some straighter wheels. Good luck!
  8. I had rough running, stalling, and hard got starting until I added a fuel pressure regulator.
  9. I’m afraid that I can’t be much help but I admire your style of writing. I’m in a similar situation with my 78. So far I’ve found that I can get to a lot by pulling the instrument cluster. Between that and crawling under the steering column it’s all there. Pulling the steering wheel will get you to the horn wiring. Good luck!
  10. Grisezd

    Seat belt rebuild?

    Thanks for checking in. I haven’t tried it yet. I think there’s hope as I’m starting to get a catch here and there early in the belt’s travel. That said I’ve found that new universal fit belts are available, will probably go that route. Thanks though!
  11. Grisezd

    Seat belt rebuild?

    Thanks Ironworker. I’ll give that a shot!
  12. Boring stuff, seatbelts. Mine don’t catch when pulled away from the chest quickly. I assume they should, or I’m hitting the windshield. Anybody rebuild the mechanism? ‘78 BRAT. Thanks.
  13. Dumb little thing but maybe someone can help. I'm missing the washer nozzle from the hood of my '78 Brat. I ordered a pair of cheap universal nozzles that seemed like it would work with the round hole (threaded with a nut to hold it in place) but they were defective. Are there any OEM nozzles I can get new that work in the hole without modification? Thanks, Dennis
  14. Side marker lights please! Your best 2 fronts and 2 rears shipped to 43360 Ohio. I sent a message on your CL add too. Thanks.