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  1. Casull

    Linkage and Governor

    Owner claimed it was a five. He may not know what he's saying then. I'll ask for pix.
  2. Casull

    Linkage and Governor

    Governor swapped. Works, but I didn't tighten it enough and lost fluid! So that test is over, gonna drain transmission, change filter, all that. See how it fares! However, I also found a good parts car. I think. It's an '85 DL while mine is an '88. It also has a FIVE speed auto trans. Should there be an issue if I swap my 3-speed out for that one?
  3. Casull

    Linkage and Governor

    I ordered the Governor Gear. Although I feel tempted to learn all about pulling my transmission apart if it may be on its way to a junkyard if all this fails. Could I theoretically replace that helix if I had time and patience?
  4. Casull

    Linkage and Governor

    Governor Gear (metal) Apple cored. Internal Helix ware?
  5. Casull

    Linkage and Governor

    The Governor is apple cored. It is a metal version. The Helix you speak of has slightly ground away. I will post images as soon as my internet behaves.
  6. Casull

    Linkage and Governor

    Thank you! I will be pulling it tomorrow (22nd). How much are you selling them for?
  7. I have a front wheel drive 3-speed Automatic 1988 Subaru DL Recently I had the ol' "doesn't shift in drive!" issue that is notorious in this transmission in particular. (My story goes like this one: http://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/topic/158122-3at-problems-in-86-leone-turbo/) I replaced the Oil Modulator on the transmission.... no difference. So now it's time to check linkage and the Governor. But first I have some questions. Does that linkage bar look alright? I am unsure where it should or shouldn't be bent.My shifter goes into park but needs a very hard push to actually CLICK the lever into the park detent. I also want to know if the second image is indeed the governor cap with the three bolts. If so, do I need to drain my ATF before I remove it?
  8. 3-speed Transmission in there? If so, is it any good? Also interested in front left fender if it could be adventitious with the cost of fright shipping.
  9. Casull

    EA82 rough accerlation

    The 91 octane for sure is better. After having a 100% 91 filled tank now I can tell the difference in pickup and sound on the highway. HOWEVER, with my particular problem in the "rough acceleration" department I am noting that my car behaves as it should after getting my engine idle for a period of time. This may be different than your problem. See, it starts at a somewhat low, rough idle but eventually kicks into a very smooth idle (5+ minuets). Pickup is peppy thereafter, and the car is happy-- like, really, it's nice. But who wants to sit for so long waiting for a car to behave? I'll be having someone look at that in a couple weeks because my transmission main seal went out. That said, what if the problem is purely physical? I'd make sure those fluids are correct. I know, that's pretty basic to say. But my car sure did raise a brow when my ATF spewed. (Duh, dude, duh. I know. I know)
  10. The problem is that I did fill up the ATF. It was near empty before-- previous owner apparently had the fluids redone (whatever), but then I found that was low. I figured I'd fill it up and wait to see if someone "forgot". For a good while it was good to go so I figured it must be fine. I'll run some tests tonight; get it warm. See what I can figure. The diff is half-full. What diff oil do I put in, though?
  11. Casull

    EA82 rough accerlation

    I also have a similar issue in my '88 DL (AE81?). Seems that it has less of an issue now that I run 91 octane, but it still seems iffy. In fact, starting the car can be a weird process as well. I am yet to find the problem out.
  12. It's an Automatic. So yes, that's the diff. Thanks for letting me know. I put cardboard. Nothing more than the typical few drips below the oil tank. Oddly enough my transmission fluid is pretty low. But the oil in that photo was definitely not transmission fluid-- wasn't pink at all. The thing is I don't have transmission fluid on the cardboard. Would I be correct in assuming I only lose fluid while driving so I never see it otherwise? Mayhap I could use some AT-205...
  13. Update: Smells like ... different oil. Being I am new to this car I will say it isn't the transmission fluid, but there is a dip stick next to that. Gear oil or differential oil??? The oil on the ground smells like that one. Anyone??
  14. I drove to work. Everything was fine. Then I'm told there's oil under my car. I checked the dip stick and I only have a bit less than full. That said, my car has a drip or few every couple days. It isn't dripping oil in this huge spot anymore. Does anyone think this released from the oil pressure relief valve or do I probably have a bigger problem? I will update the post as I find out more. I have to get my car to level ground at the end of the day and check other fluids. (The second small puddle in the back is AC condensation. Water.)
  15. My 1988 DL. Apparent and horrid use of Gaussian. But I ain't even mad.