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  1. Do you still have the fender mounted turn signals? I’m looking for a right side for my brat.
  2. I just bought a 1980 BRAT DL (my third Leone) and i have a few parts missing to make her complete. I have 2nd gen brat parts that i am willing to trade or will pay. I’m looking for the pass side front turn signal lamp, passenger side mirror, possible the radio portion of the center console, the dash ash tray. Might need more parts since she hasn’t been ran yet and not tagged since ‘99. If you’re parting out or have parts please pm me. Thanks y’all.
  3. What’s the part # for RHS?
  4. BrattyMcBrat

    Parting out 1986 BRAT GL

    I’ve been trying to upload photos but it doesn’t seem to want to let me, if you guys could send me your emails i can send photos and more info of the parts you’ve requested
  5. BrattyMcBrat

    Parting out 1986 BRAT GL

    I do have the handle for the hood release and I’ll send picture of it and the center console later on today.
  6. BrattyMcBrat

    Parting out 1986 BRAT GL

    Are you needing just the crank handles or the whole window regulator mechanism? And what parts on the rear suspension?
  7. BrattyMcBrat

    Parting out 1986 BRAT GL

    The interior is blue. I’ll try to post better pictures when i get a chance. Sorry but i had to claim the ignition switch. The previous owner of the wagon cracked it trying to unlock the steering column.
  8. Had a front end collision on my brat a while back and finally getting around to doing something with it. Couldn’t find a radiator support or a shop that would fix her up so using her for a parts car on my wagon and parting out what i don’t need/can use seems to be the best route. The interior is in surprisingly decent shape, most of the plastic hasn’t deteriorated yet. I’ll check this thread regularly or message me about parts and I’ll shoot prices back. In the central California area so keep in mind the shipping and time to remove some of her. Interior is already started but body parts and others might take some time to get
  9. BrattyMcBrat

    Parting out 1982 gl station wagon

    How much for the drivers front window regulator?
  10. I just bought a wagon a few weeks ago, my second subie (my first car was an '86 brat that I'm trying to rebuild to her former glory) and the stupid window regulator went out on me. She spins and spins but doesn't roll the window any. Does anyone know of any interchangeable regulators that would be easier to find? like a newer subie or toyota or honda? I'm sure if its close i could redneck it into working. im gonna try to check to see if the brat's works since the wagon is my daily but i still gotta find a replacement for her if i swipe it. times like this makes me hate subaru for disowning these beauties