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    Looking for information on my loyale
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    i have a 1990 white Subaru loyale with an ignition problem I snowboard and mountain bike
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  1. Back ground Got it to be a daily drive I drove it for about a month then my friend tired to put a radio in he didn’t discount the batter and shocked him self. After this it didn’t start no spark I checked fusible links, relays, fuses, new spark plug, new distributor cap does spin when cranking, new coil, new coil bracket made sure it’s wired right, spark plug wires are good
  2. Sorry I’ve been really busy lately. There are no blinks I also could not find the heavy eyelet on the wiring harness I did make sure the brakes are good and tight and test for ground just in the out side of the ecu
  3. Cormfra

    Fusible links Questions

    Okay thank you
  4. Okay thank you I’ll try tomorrow if it’s not that any ideas on what it would be
  5. I tested the corrent on each side of the links all reads about 12.8 to see if the current was making it threw and I also tested the amps and there all .30 of my thing is set right I’m pretty new on this stuff
  6. Cormfra

    Fusible links Questions

    Not sure if this feed is still active but is there any test I can do to test a fusible link and if so how do I do them I have a no start no spark