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  1. soobmater

    Waterwagon 3 Build-up, and the SJR+EJ Lift Thread!

    aww, no more pvc roof rack? Go for ABS
  2. soobmater

    8" Lift kits for the Transfercase crowd any interest ?

    im interested scott!
  3. soobmater

    Gonna get another roo project goin!

    i know i seen that! i'm interested, i just gotta wait till i get my income tax first, should be here anytime, but you know how the government likes to take their sweet time...
  4. soobmater

    What do you do to keep your shop clean?

    ya you gotta stay ahead of the game, as soon as your done using something put it away, that way you don't get over-ran with tools and parts laying around all over the place.. I started layin plywood up on the trusses in my shop, to store crap that i won't be needing for a while. it helps get some clutter out of the way!
  5. soobmater

    Gonna get another roo project goin!

    ya ya im getting there, lol i remember back when i was the youngest on here.. ya i seen that austin, gonna be pretty sweet! i can't wait to get another lifted soob, gonna be fun!
  6. soobmater

    Gonna get another roo project goin!

    why do i gotta be the little brother?
  7. soobmater

    Gonna get another roo project goin!

    Hey fellers, long time no talk. Im wantin to get another soob project goin, been thinkin bout getting a sedan! wouldn't mind another wagon either though. I regret selling mine :-\ btw, how come there is like 500 forums now? Us simple minded people arn't sure where to post
  8. If i still have my wagon then, i'll be there!
  9. soobmater


    these are pretty old pics, all the good mudding i never got picutres off :/
  10. Its a 96 tacoma, about 4" of lift, and 33x13.50 toyo m/t's.. k&n and glasspack, other than that its pretty much stock.. 3.4L v6.. its a fun truck, i still have the roo though, and she's running strong again
  11. soobmater

    anyone seen any good deals on 30" mud tires

    or check out the buy 3 get one free deal from pro comp.. They make a mud terrain in 30x9.50x15.. They pretty much look like a bfg m/t to... They seem to be pretty good tires.. Pretty much any tire factory that sells pro comp, has this deal from time to time..
  12. soobmater

    Update on my car

    dont worry i keep my nuts tight now But yea, the ones on the radius rod plate, pretty much all of them haha. I cracked the plate in a couple spots and ripped the ones out of the unibody clear out... I dont know on the brand, just look at napa, they are like 90 buck a pop...
  13. Well i havn't been on here at all lately! Been really busy, working and workin on my car and doin kid stuff.. But i found out that napa sells new cv's, that arn't just rebuilt, and they look really beefy!! I just put one in, i'll let ya'll know how it holds up.. I also just put a new clutch in! I also put new wheel bearing in. I ripped out the lift blocks right out of the unibody(opse), but i got those welded back in there with some metal pieces, and its pretty burly.. I also just hooked up some blue lights inside the car, just for the heck of it, they are pretty cool haha.. Well i just figured i'd post, since i havn't in forever.. Well now everyone knows i didnt die or something When i was doing the clutch Some more trimmin on the fenders
  14. soobmater

    Who's Who Gallery 2007. Lifts only.

    85Gl Wagon, 4" mudrat lift, 28" super swampers,14" pug steelies, 28"all terrains, on 15" pug alloys mudrat roofrack, TWB bumper, ABS snorkle, Kc's, pyle sub, jvc deck, Uniden CB, foglights underneath, 2" exhaust through tubro muffler, lots of other stuff