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Found 4 results

  1. My '03 Baja failed inspection for a passenger side front blinker light being out. I replaced the bulb and thought all was good, took car back to have re-inspected but was told the tail lights were out. went to replace the bulbs in rear, but none appeared to be blown so checked the # 5 fuse and that was blown. I replaced that fuse and it blew immediately. checked bulbs again and also checked sockets for corrosion, all appeared fine So I tried Having the front running lights with the sockets not hooked up but back lights fully intact, and the back lights worked. If I then plug in driver side front light socket the fuse doesn't blow, however, if I add a bulb to that socket, or have passenger side socket installed at same time as driver side, the fuse will blow. My question is: Has anyone had this type of issue and how did you resolve it?
  2. Hello everyone, My first time over here. I have had my 2000 subaru legacy GT for almost a year now and there has been a huge problem that i cant find an answer for. everytime i think ive found it i find something else. ill get right down to it and hopefully someone on here could give me a hand. i would really appreciate it. in the car i have the battery light and the handbrake light on. my DRLs never worked and neither did my fog lights. now tonight i was outside playing with it once again and realized that everything works fine once i unplug the 3pin connector from the alternator. so the car is running off the battery. drls come on, fog lights work, and bat/ebrake light turns off. and STAYS OFF. once i replug the alternator back on the drls shut off and everything is back the way it was. ive tested the alternator and its charging at a constant 14.10V and the battery always stays at 12.30V and remember the car has been this way since i got it almost a year ago. if the alternator was really dead or overcharging i wouldnt have made it all through the winter dailying it lol. im really stumped with what it could be .. ive tested every thing all the way down to the ebrake switch and fog light switch (before i discovered the alternator plug). If anyone knows whats up id really appreciate the info. i dont have the money to dump into an alternator at the moment so i really hope that there is a way to fix this issue as it would suck to throw away a working alternator.
  3. Ok, been hotwiring 99 legacy more than a year without any problems. I was using a light switch for the on/off and a springy button thing to engage the starter. It all worked well, and was simple for my gf to use as well. Then I found what i thought was a really cool new switch and button combo that would both fit well and look much better, so i took the light switch and button off and thats when things went south. I got sidetracked doing something with my neighbor, and during this time while all the ignituon wires were just hanging free, my gf decided she needed to drive to the store. I heard her yell and saw the cloud of smoke come from under the hood. The big wire connecting the selenoid to the starter had fried - all the insulation was burned off and after it cooled down i taped that wire back up but it was clear the starter was done. So i got a new starter, and now when i try to start the car it sounds like somethings not engaging. Theres no cranking sound, just a constant sound like things are just rotating. The cars been dead about a month now and i dont know what to do. I thought the starter may not be turning the flywheel but it is. I also cleaned all the ground wires i could find , had both the starter and alternator tested, and made sure theres spark. Its the weirdest sound trying to start it, everyone whos heard it says the same thing - that theyve never heard that before and that it sounds like somethings not engaging. I dont know what to do please help
  4. i had this 93 loyal wagon come in to work the other day and its got me stumped, the left headlight is dim on both high and low, their is no left tail light and the dash lights arn't working. i checked the head lights fuses and they were both good, so i checked voltage at both head light fuses, left had 2.5 volts both sides of fuse and the right had 12.5 volts. I unpluged the left head light fuse and it doesnt affect the head light, it stays on and stays dim, so i started checking the relays. I found one relay with 12.5 volts on one side and 2.5 volts on the other side and the relay was hot to the touch, so im fairly sure there is a short of some kind going on. what is stumping me is that the left head light stays light (dimly) even when the fuse for that head light is disconnected, and that none of the fuses are being blown. this car came in once before and the problem was there then but it would happen infrequintly, ocassionaly the dash lights would turn off and the left head light would dim, but tapping on the top of the dash would make the lights turn back on and the head light would be bright again. all sighns seem to say something is shorting out, possibly from the right head light to the left as well as a ground to hot. also it sounds as though the problem could be in the dash as well since tapping on the top of the dash would make it work again. \ my ideas are that there could be a problem in the supply to the fuse box or the fuse box it self. i did check the fusible links under the hood and found a solid 12.5 volts on both sides of the fusible links and nothing felt hot there im wanting to get as much info as i can together for the next time the car comes in so i can trouble shoot it in as short of a time as possible, because they tend to not want to leave their car for very long periods of time. i did sugest they leave it for a couple of days so we could have the time to properly trouble shoot it, but im planning on not having a whole lot of time just in case so can anyone give me some ideas of what i should be looking for to possibly find this short and get it fixed, im thinking first step would be to pull the fuse box and inspect it and make sure nothing is shorting out there on the supply side. i did visually trace as much wiring as i could under hood, but having a short amount of time and beaing an old ea82 there could be something i missed.
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