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Found 4 results

  1. I have an 87 XT coupe, with the EA82T engine. I want to install a top mount intercooler and can't decide which one. An air to air is more reliable, but probably doesn't cool as much. An air to water however has the possibility of leaking and getting coolant down the intake. So I'm looking for advice on this. Keep in mind the cooler will be getting it's airflow from the factory hood scoop. Thanks in advance.
  2. I've completed my air to water intercooler install in my GL-10 wagon and EJ20G engine. My desire for the upgrade from the WRX TMIC were for less heat soak and more consistent power in the summer. I figured I'd document my results for anyone thinking of doing something similar. Parts used: Frozenboost type 14 intercooler Frozenboost type 118 radiator Jabsco 50840-0012 pump GM Reservoir (pn 25884797) and 5 PSI cap (pn 15076936) Generic Turbo XS type BOV Fulree 12/24V IN 9V 5A OUT DC/DC converter Metri-pack 280 waterproof connectors From DiscountHydraulicHose.com: 4503-12-08 -- 3/4" Hose Barb x 1/2" NPTF 45° qty 2 4503-12-12 -- 3/4" Hose Barb x 3/4" NPTF 45° qty 1 4501-12-08 -- 3/4" Hose Barb x 1/2" NPTF 90° qty 1 5409-04 -- 1/4" NPTF Hex Socket Plug qty 1 4404-12-08 -- 3/4" Hose Barb x 1/2" NPTF qty 1 4404-12-12 -- 3/4" Hose Barb x 3/4" NPTF qty 1 This is what I received from Frozenboost: I wanted to keep my AC condenser and trans cooler so that meant I needed to cut the bumper beam. I tried to keep most of the material and I beefed it back up a bit by welding some metal alongside what was left. Here's how much I cut out: And here's the radiator mounted. Half of the radiator is behind the bumper beam, with that small gap there for airflow. I might cut more out after I get a feel for the how much heat the radiator can shed. You can see here that to work with the cut the bumper beam I trimmed the plastic, re-used the metal strip, and redrilled the holes to mount the bumper skin. The lower fitting was perfect at 45 degrees, but the upper fitting needed to be more like 70 degrees to pass through the existing hole in the body. I cut and TIG welded the fitting and it didn't even leak. The pump is mounted in the passenger fender. The brackets were welded to the bumper beam so no holes or welding on the body were necessary. The outlet hose runs up and around the back of the headlight and down to the frame rail. The flow routing could be hooked up a number of ways, but I decided I liked the Mercedes type routing the best. Intercooler->Reservoir->Radiator->Pump Here is the intercooler mounted. I made a metal bracket that bolts to the spare tire hold-down nut and attaches to the back of the intercooler. The bracket is flexible which allows the intercooler to move a bit as the engine twists. Also there is a metal tab for the reservoir on the same bracket. Now I'm getting some data from the system. I've tested the pump at different voltages and measured the flow rate with a paddle wheel flow meter I got on eBay. I tested it by filling up a 5 gallon bucket. It's pretty big and doesn't seem to affect the flow rate. At 12.8V the pump draws 6A and flows 5.0 GPM. This is pretty good I think! This pump is also smooth and silent. At 8.5V the pump draws 3.2A and flows 3.1 GPM. At 5V the pump draws 1.8A and flows 1.25 GPM. My plan is to use the "5th injector" relay that the EJ20G ECU has which is unused to run the pump at full voltage when under heavy load. When just cruising I will run the pump through a 9V regulator which will drop the power by half and increase the life of the pump. I will be adding my own code to the EJ20G ECU to control this relay. My algorithm thoughts are full speed for couple minutes at power on (for heat soak), full speed when above a certain load, and full speed for a couple minutes after load. Results are great so far. I've been able to increase timing by a few degrees, more boost, and most importantly more consistent power. Heat soak is much better, although it could be improved. Heat shields and a reservoir would work well; I think a pretty big reservoir could be made up to fit inside the fender. I've now installed a couple thermocouples to log IAT2 and coolant temp and I'll post my results later.
  3. Ok. so I have started back on my RX project again. been really busy with moving and such, she kinda got put on hold. Picked up my new JDM motor and tranny and have slowly been tearing it down to do a re-seal and tighten things up before I drop it in. Pics of my 5-lug swap... Using front end parts from a 99 OBS rear is all XT6. And here is what I have been doing more recently. Not sure if anyone remembers me contemplating dropping a EJ20t into her but atlas I decided not to "settle" for what I didn't really want... SO yeh. here's my new Version 4 JDM EJ20 Sti and tranny... Motor came pretty well complete and I got a smoking deal on it! included the TMIC,harness ecu, turbo timer, and Syms racing Downpipe and header! Now, I could have dropped this motor in and head it running by now but I convinced myself to tear it down and do a complete re-seal of the entire thing. And since im doing that I might as well to the head gaskets and port the heads and intake while im in there. also ordered up a set of ARP head studs. Also powder coating a few things while I have it apart. I'm going to be powder coating everything I can on this guy to keep it looking clean for years to come. ill post more pics of stuff like that as they happen. lots of cleaning left to do, still need to port the heads and intake, waiting for gaskets to arrive (hopefully tomorrow). I've also been getting goodies for this project as funds allow. see such goodies below . B&M Turbo oil cooler. New TMIC next to the JDM IC that came with the motor. Figured I had room for a larger one so.. Why not! New silicone turbo inlet tube and New TMIC Y pipe. Stage 3 6-puck ceramic clutch and 12lb flywheel. should give me nice fast revs! also considering going with a lightened under drive pulley kit. New GFB response BOV. fully adjustable atmo/resirc! So, that's my progress thus far. As I said as funds allow I will be doing more work to it. should be running before to much longer and I will keep everyone posted as things happen.
  4. Does any one know about putting an intercooler and or cold air intake on a 88 gl 10, if i put these on would I have to tune anything? Ive got a free intercooler from a 2004 wrx that I could put on it. Whats everyones thoughts?
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