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  1. Yup. im on pnw. Darrel posted up a few pics of my build. I don't really post anything on pnw, im a usmb nut so where else would I place the build. Currently working on match porting the heads and intake and regrinding the valve seats while I'm in there.
  2. excellent! that was what I was looking for. ty!
  3. I got the motor for $2,300 shipped. speaking of diff's that brings up a question. the tranny is a 4.44, is it possible to make the impreza diff for the EA axles? Maybe pull the stubs from an ea and place them into the impreza diff so my axles will slip onto them? the diff is something I have yet to do and without having an iimpreza diff available I'm not sure how I'm going to make that work as of yet. any ideas anyone?
  4. Ok. so I have started back on my RX project again. been really busy with moving and such, she kinda got put on hold. Picked up my new JDM motor and tranny and have slowly been tearing it down to do a re-seal and tighten things up before I drop it in. Pics of my 5-lug swap... Using front end parts from a 99 OBS rear is all XT6. And here is what I have been doing more recently. Not sure if anyone remembers me contemplating dropping a EJ20t into her but atlas I decided not to "settle" for what I didn't really want... SO yeh. here's my new Version 4 JDM EJ20 Sti and tranny... Motor came pretty well complete and I got a smoking deal on it! included the TMIC,harness ecu, turbo timer, and Syms racing Downpipe and header! Now, I could have dropped this motor in and head it running by now but I convinced myself to tear it down and do a complete re-seal of the entire thing. And since im doing that I might as well to the head gaskets and port the heads and intake while im in there. also ordered up a set of ARP head studs. Also powder coating a few things while I have it apart. I'm going to be powder coating everything I can on this guy to keep it looking clean for years to come. ill post more pics of stuff like that as they happen. lots of cleaning left to do, still need to port the heads and intake, waiting for gaskets to arrive (hopefully tomorrow). I've also been getting goodies for this project as funds allow. see such goodies below . B&M Turbo oil cooler. New TMIC next to the JDM IC that came with the motor. Figured I had room for a larger one so.. Why not! New silicone turbo inlet tube and New TMIC Y pipe. Stage 3 6-puck ceramic clutch and 12lb flywheel. should give me nice fast revs! also considering going with a lightened under drive pulley kit. New GFB response BOV. fully adjustable atmo/resirc! So, that's my progress thus far. As I said as funds allow I will be doing more work to it. should be running before to much longer and I will keep everyone posted as things happen.
  5. Pretty good shape for the most part, has a handfull of small dings here and there and paint isn't perfect but doesn't have any rust at all. Didn't run so well when i got it 2 days ago but changed the carb over and did a few small things and she now runs awsome! Best part....... i picked it up for $300.00. I bought this car with the intensions of turning but it's really growing on me and i might just have to keep her.
  6. Hi just wondering if you would email me so we could talk about that RX body kit you found. shortysayhi@yahoo.com


    Thanks Martin

  7. Thats a real bad place to mount that antenna man, your standing wave is going to be all over the place. You need to get it above the car more. Being that close to the body is going to heat your radio up and possibly damage it.
  8. As i get closer and closer to getting this guy done i find myself worrying about a cut on the corner of my spoiler. it's the none painted rubber one. anyone repaired on of these before? being made of foam rubber im hesitent to try glues as it might eat the foam. also the rubber coating is flaking off and casing it to soak up with water. any way to re seal it? Or might anyone have the painted one thats in decent shape they wanna part with? i don't have the hardware that even mounts the thing up . the guy i bought the car from years ago cut the corners off that mounted to the lid trying to fit it to a wagon.
  9. I know there are carbs specifiacally designed for turbo's but just seem's like this might be a better desighn to be used. But with all the trouble one would have to go thrue it would be way easyer to just go MPFI and go with a time tested setup. I would like to think they could build this type of carburetor for automotive use tho, would be nice for those long steep hill climbs and other odd angles that i have notised my weber isn't to fond of. This post definatly gets your imagination goin' for sure. just the idea of having a carb that doesn't need a float on a offroad rig sounds great!
  10. after looking at it for a few min. now im wonder about the possibilities of running a turbo thrue one of these things.
  11. Looks like the makuni carb i have on my husqvarna dirt bike. kinda of a neat idea i guess.
  12. your gonna have to pull the turbo off. i blew that same hose far from home once. had to do it on the side of the road.
  13. I know he's your brother but with that kind of track record i think i would stop loaning him my car... good luck man, hope ya get it fixed.
  14. Just happens i got one, and im only 30 miles from ya. LaPine. is this russ's friend jeff?
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