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Found 7 results

  1. https://japanesenostalgiccar.com/miyagi-subaru-ff-1-wagon-restoration/
  2. As of 7-26-14 I have bought this '83 GL 2Door Coupe locally, I couldn't resist for $900 Some info: EA81 with Hydro Lifters (Possible Calif. Spec emissions) Jatco 3AT FWD 3.700 Mileage: 75,745 The Undercarriage has some rust and a couple holes but is very fixable. Right now the plan is to get it running smooth, go thru it all, change all fluids and leave it be until Safariwagon is finished. Time for photos! When I went to pick it up. Got it home running on 18lbs of pressure on every tire lol. I've always loved the rear of these cars. Does this thing have Calif. Emissions on it? And yes, this is someones half assed attempted at replacing the radiator with one that does not have a built in ATF cooler. This will all be changed. Also working on getting some new Weather stripping. Loads more to come! -Tom
  3. So here i am 2 years later. i had found a 1978 brat for 1200$ 2 years ago but was out bid at the time. i never thought id come across another brat in the midwest. recently i stumbled on another 1978 brat for 1000$ but i got him down to 700$. this Brats history: this 1978 model brat was bought by the owner from a dealership in the late 70's. it enjoyed light country driving for 100,000 miles until the owner became to old to drive it. it was then parked in there lawn for two years where mother nature could bite at its steel panels. other than body rust and interior wear in tear the engine runs fine. when i looked at it with the owner we opened the hood and poured gasoline into the carb. it started right away after sitting for 2 years. i didnt a good look at the frame or the floor but im hoping its not a rusted beyond repair under it. half the exhaust has been eaten away well any way heres the pics. i only have one bucket seat for the rear. the driver window is gone need a new one. the rear fender arches are probably rusted beyond repair and will need new panels. so does anyone have any advise for this project? any passing words of wisdom.
  4. Long time reader first time poster! I've begun a restoration project on a Subaru 1974 GL Coupe that has a 1600 engine, and wanted to post it here. And here's after I hosed it off a bit. Engine needs a bit of cleaning, and the previous owner put a Weber carburetor on it, but for some odd reason completely disassembled the choke system, so I need to fix that. Interior is pretty fantastic in my opinion, electrical is solid and there's only damage on the driver seat. I've been looking online and this car is extremely hard to find parts for, if anyone has any tips they'd be much appreciated! Just ordered new struts, rotors, brake calipers, brake pads and rear drum shoes, a back driver's side tail-light(had a small break in the original one, and the only other break is the front-left blinker). It sat for years, but a new battery and key-turn and the engine fired right up, sounds really great and has a small oil leak on the crankshaft oil seal. The muffler has about 4 massive holes through it, and will need to be replaced. There's a small flip-switch to the left of the headlight pull switch, and following the wire I found that it's cut and ends up stuck near the passenger glove box, is this aftermarket or should I investigate more? I'll be posting updates as I work on this car, my deadline is about two weeks from now, so I'll be posting regularly! The radiator has a leak at the base, can I swap it out for an 80s gen radiator, or does anyone have any parts connections?
  5. Hi Guys! Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Kamil. I’ll get right to it We make engine decals an liveries mainly for Porsches, you can find most of our current work here: http://car-bone.pl/ Right now, we are thinking about broadening our horizons We are creating something BRAND NEW, a completely new brand NOBOCO, it’s so fresh that we don’t even have a logo yet But it won’t take long, trust me We want to help out all of the car nuts restore their babies to their former glory. Everyday, we find new stickers to reproduce, come up with new designs, and help customers decide which way to go to do something really cool with their cars. Maybe you are working on your project, and you find yourself in a need of restoring some stickers? Have an idea for a livery? Just send me a PM, and I’m sure we’ll figure something out Cheers! Kamil Oh, just in case, here’s some of our work:
  6. I've had this truck since Jan. 1991 when I bought from two guys who had dragged it out of a horse corral in Chino, CA where it had been buried up to its axles in horse tockey. Since that time I have replaced the 327 SBC engine with a 350, replaced the TH350 with a TH400, upgraded the brakes to disc front & later drums rear, power steering. Everything but bodywork & paint. Now its time to replace the old cancerous sheet metal with refurbished stuff. Found a cab up in Lucerne Valley, bed, fenders, bumper, grill & other parts locally. Because I just don't have the space nor the spray booth I opted to hand the work over to a local smaller body shop with a good reputation. Now that the old girl is back home, I get to replace all the wiring, brake & other lines, etc. It won't be a frame up restoration, but it will be a custom with a old school look. A 383 SBC making 440 ft-lbs(it was dyno'ed), 700R4 with HD parts & manual 4th switch, 72 C10 tilt column steering with a sport steering wheel, Auto Meter classic gauges in a custom dash panel. White oak bed wood with satin black bed strips & unpolished stainless hardware. Bed interior painted with black splattercoat trunk liner. This is why I haven't been posting much in the Subaru forum for awhile. ;D More will be revealed later.
  7. I have a '78 GF that I'm currently in the process of restoring from having an engine fire, and the wiring harness was so far gone I didn't think it was worth saving. Long story short, it's got a new wiring harness from a 1978 BRAT, and there are a couple of plugs that don't line up. There's one that I feel I could make work pretty easily in the BRAT harness that runs back to the brake lights of the car, but the one that is causing issue is (and forgive me for lack of the proper technical term) the long black plug-in that is 2 rows high and 15 or so across... With the BRAT harness for the dash, it leaves that end of the plug clear on the other, wrong side of the car where the other end (connected to the original harness that runs through the rest of the car) is sitting. I don't know of a way to get this to adapt offhand without cutting and splicing in some fashion all those wires (which I really don't see myself doing) and I was wondering if anyone had a harness (the one that goes through the dash, and into the engine bay) they would be able to sell me. Shipping isn't an issue...if you've got a harness I'll pay whatever shipping and then some for gratitude. I hope this explaination hasn't been TOO confusing to read...and any advice that may help me be able to still use the dash wiring harness from the brat would be more than appreciated. Thanks, Jim
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