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Went Ice Fishing in the Suby

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Well like the title says. I sunk her good :eek: Long story short, I went out on a maiden voyage alone and close to dark. Everything was going well when I was heading back up to the gate of the ORV park when blam (because I had to be stupid and try the edge of the ice) She's stuck. I called a friend (USMB member) and while he was on his way I try working it back and forth. I actually manage to get it forward a bit more but then the engine died because the water fried the alt. He gets to the ORV park and says the gate is closed and we will have to leave tha car untill tommarrow. I walked my frozen and soaked butt up the trail and get in the truck. So there she sits from 4:30 thurs eve untill 8:00 am the next day. The engine completly submerged in water the whole night :confused::mad::eek:


Well we arrive the next day and spend about two hours trying to get her out. My friend was being as gentle as he could with his Dodge cummins and finally she came all the way out.


We towed her up to the parking lot, pulled the plugs, hand cranked her over and then charged the batt a bit. She started right up and smoothed out after a few minutes. I limped her over the his house, we changed out the alternator and I went the rest of the way home.


I then stipped the interior (carpest will be not going back in) then began to work on the engine. I drained the milky/frothy oil, put new in and ran an engine flush. Then drained and filled again with new oil and filter, and air filter and she runs good considering. I now have a bit of lifter noise but what do you want when she was red lined a bazillion times for about 45minutes.

As a result of pulling her out, now the passenger side tire is pushed back an inch. And I can see where it is bent on the frame where the lift block connects. It tracks ok, just takes off with a shudder now because that is the power side tire and it must be catching first or something :confused: If I slip the clutch a wee bit more it doesn't do it, so I am going to have to learn how to "take off again" I will try an pull her out a bit but I am not going to mess with it too much for fear fo pulling the blocks out of the frame.

























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I hope you learned a valuable lesson.... :eek:


Or maybe you just need a taller lift :grin:






Can you say straight axles....Or just mount the thing on a truck frame and go from there.

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Interesting choice of lure.I wasnt aware that lifted subarus attracted fish...I may have to try that next time I go fishing..

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what sucks is, i had better ones.and my card got full, i forgot to save the ones i wanted , and erased them......bBOOOOOOOO:-\cheers, brian



it sucks for sure , but those picks are awesome
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