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Goodbuy R160 Hello R180


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After having a 6Speed in my car for over a year, and the matching R180 sitting on the shelf in my grage, i finaly got the parts i needed to Hybrid my axles to install it in my car...

The same parts that i had made will work to mate WRX shafts to 05+ STi inner joints so you can install a R180 diff and keep your R160 hubs.

PM me in interested in more information.





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Interesting... sounds like this would've solved my friends delemma of 4.44 5MT into his 02 WRX. . . (if that's the 180 to 160 marriage application? If not, I think its a similar concept of fixing spline count differences as with EA tranny swaps into EJ rigs, no?)

What are 180's from vs. 160s? (I'm just not that into the numbers, similarly with body codes, like SF, BD, etc. . )

Are 180's from 4.44 trannies, or strictly an STi, highe HP axle?

vs 160's are those old gen axles, like EA82s or are those also early second gen, like my 95 legacy?




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On 3/5/2022 at 12:23 PM, Campeon said:

Hello SuberDave,


Are you still selling the conversion kit from R180 Diff to R160 Wheel hubs?  I am trying to swap my 2006 WRX to 2007 WRX STI.

Please let me know.

Thank you,


Yes, @Suber Dave is still selling the axle parts.  If you don't hear from him I can shoot him a text.

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