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Subaru's are indestructable


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looks maybe Aulstralian we dont know the overall condition of the car, maybe it was ready for the junkyard , makes me want to roll a subbie


Ready for the junkyard??? Yeah, yeah, you guys from the PNW just keep rubbing it in. :horse::grin:


Anything that could survive that was certainly not ready for the junkyard! If you took the average midwest car and tried those stunts, there would be a pile of twisted rust buried in the dirt after the first jump. :grin:

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There just are some people who seem not to have that much of good things to do and seem content with doing just this. I would not be thinking of doing anything close to that with my Subbie which I have really taken care of as a baby.


But then again, we all have different trips that are taken differently. Hope you are fine with what you have going there.

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