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case of rubbing brake indicator when it shouldn't?

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Driving around town or on the highway we hear a sound like a wear indicator on the rear brakes, definitely not from the engine, and only occurs while the car is in motion. The sound will start up whenever - at any speed, temperature, or length of driving time. The sound always stops if I tap the brakes - but sometimes starts up right after the tap, or not.


The brakes are just over a year old and look good. The car was in the body shop for a panel replacement on the left rear side last winter - the noise started afterwards.


Just put four new tires on for winter too. Didn't change anything.


What should we focus on when inspecting our brakes and trying to fix this annoyingly loud noise? Thank you.

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Check the pads on the side the noise is from.

Sometimes there is uneven wear and one side looks good but the other is down to the indicator.

Check your rotor while you are at it.



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