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Buying a 78 Datsun B210

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I thinking of getting this 78 Datsun B210 here in FL.. I spoke to the seller and Im trying to arrange a way to pick it up. What do you guys think. Has a weber on it and has all the a/c parts but non functional as of now. It is an Automatic though but I dont mind that.


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Well I found a 76 Datsun B210 with no rust but no a/c. paint fadded but a lot cheaper than the 78 and a lot closer to me. the pluses, its a manual and a hatchback as well which I perfer.. Intereior is in good shape. Heres a pic...



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Hey very easy conversion to drop an L series engine in with a 610 front cross-member as the B210 was also sold as a PB210 in Japan this one was like mine the ex Sheka Mehta works Datsun  PB210 they are talking about in the link.


Search on the topic of L series into 120Y or B210 and you will find all the information you need using mostly stock Nissan parts, there is a dedicated section on Datsun1200.com for B210's and most members are from either Australia or the US they are a fun toy when done well.


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HA!!!!! Found one in AZ but still have to ship it. Its a 1978 Datsun B210 GX. Got a good deal on it and paid for it already. Its got factory A/C in it as well. Not sure if it works. No rust but a few dents here and there. Interior decent but missing a few small things which Ive been already on the hunt for and found some as well. heres some pics of what I have and I wlll post more as soon as I get it in a couple weeks.




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Got the b210 all running now and got me some honeycomb hubcaps. Not tooo shabby. Hopeflly sometime next year get the body work and a paint job done for this. Really like the way she drives. Also have to see if I can get the a/c working... Yes thats right she equipped with factory a/c... heres pics








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