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  1. scole665

    Subaru lifer

    Welcome to the group. I had a couple of Subis in the 80's and early 90's that I can't recall the years of either. LOL. I'm glad it's not just me.
  2. scole665

    New here, Off-roader from Pheonix, AZ

    Welcome. I'm in Phoenix too. Let's see your light bar!
  3. scole665

    New From Maryland

    UUugh, Well, you have the memories (and some parts) that live on forever. hahaha
  4. Looking good, my friend.
  5. It's familiar because it sold on eBay for $4650.00 less than a month ago. :-( Capitalism. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Subaru-Other-/291648663893?roken=cUgayN
  6. Are you referring to your pic with the Loyale 2.7 Turbo embellishment?
  7. scole665

    Subiefest 2015

    I warned you about the sunscreen. :-) I went with my BRAT two years ago. It was way too hot for me and the whole setup was, IMHO, weird. I figured I was just too old. LOL.
  8. scole665

    Subiefest 2015

    Enjoy. Bring sunscreen! :-)
  9. scole665

    79 Brat in Vegas

    Looking good. Can't wait to see more pictures.
  10. scole665

    New guy with a '06 baja

    I love the color. I think it was only available on the 06, as I recall. Welcome and enjoy.
  11. Someone asked me if I was stuck. Ummm, that'd be a big fat no! This was in Flagstaff AZ.
  12. The Japanese Classic Car show was a few weeks ago. I just wanted to share the award my BRAT won with the USMB members. We won the award from Neo-Classic Magazine (Japanese magazine). They picked their favorite from the 400 or so cars entered into the show. I guess it's a pretty big honor. :-) There is also a write up from Ben Hsu at Japanese Nostalgic Car. http://japanesenostalgiccar.com/2014/10/17/2014-japanese-classic-car-show-part-06-trucks-vans-and-wagons/ There was some really awesome and unique cars at the show. But there were only 3 Subarus entered, a Subaru 360 Van, a 1978 BRAT (a member here) and my 1979 BRAT. Would love to see more next year.
  13. scole665

    Jump seats mounting frame

    They come up once in awhile on eBay and Craig's list (and here, of course) but you just have to be ready with cash and be willing to spend it. When I see them I try to post them here so you guys/gals all know about it. I had to buy a 2nd seat of seats (which were junk) in order to get the frame. But, now I have exactly what I want.
  14. It shows a few Subarus. I kinda like it. http://www.petrolicious.com/cars-and-people-share-spotlight-in-photos-to-describe-each-other
  15. As I recall, the red one was relisted after the initial sale in that link. The description was made a little clearer as to the issues with the car. I think it sold for ⅓ less after that. I do recall the one from an airplane hanger, a silver gen 2, selling for like $14K. I'm sure those links are in the "for sale on eBay" area but they're probably off eBay now.