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Subaru Loyale o2 Sensor Question

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I bought this Subaru about 2 weeks ago for a couple hundred bucks on a rainy dark night. Ran, shifted, and stopped just fine. Bought it and drove it around until i had to registar it. Then i started poking around.


To the point:

Can somebody provide me with a picture of the o2 sensor plug/location? I have been tracing wires on and off for a while and cant seem to find where the o2 sensor connects into the harness.


The wires coming off of the sensor itself have definitely been cut off, but i wouldnt this they would have cut the harness as well...


Im starting to wonder if the previous owner chopped it off when they swapped in a new engine. (Still an ea82 Spfi)


Much appreciated.

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the sensor is down on the "Y" pipe join of the front exhaust (sorry, the SPFI was never sold here)?

The harness plug should be near where the body harness meets the gearbox harness underneath the spare tyre

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It will connect in the bundle of wires going to the transmission. The wire would come up from the cat between the frame and the axle on the passenger side. there is a metal tab on the bottom of the engine to trans bellhousing bolt that secures the wire from the axle, and then up the side of the trans along the bellhousing.


I bet the wire pulled out when the exhaust pipe was dropped if they forgot to unhook it before


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I just relooked up the part. Part of the problem was that i was looking for a three wire bundle/connector.


I guess i clicked legacy on accident instead of loyale when looking for parts. whoops.


Since i wasnt able to find much info on the web for this specific problem I am going to try and follow through with a few more pictures and such to help out anybody else that might run into this.


Updates tomorrow.


Thank you for the information wagonist and milesfox. Much appreciated.


Edit: I believe the wire pictured above is the one that i was looking for.

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