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I was looking to get some advice on a couple 2001 2.5 sohc engines I am rebuilding.

Today i miked the main and rod bearing on both cranks and got readings as low as 59.95 ( postion #2)

most were 59.98. The book I have says that 59.992 is the min.  Any suggestions? polish ? regrind? Thanks

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If you don't have it, download the FSM.

Search the sticky above for FSM.

When you look at the crank there should be a group of 5 letters, ranging from A to maybe D.

Each letter represents  a tolerance range.

Attached is the engine spec sheet JIC. A is std. ,B is .03,C is .05 and D is.25. Should also be a group of 4 letters for the rod bearings. Haven't been able to decipher those.

Unfortunately cranks are not generally all one size from the factory. You can buy separate main bearings from Subaru, but not rod bearings.

If it is within your budget, would be easier to have them all machined to the same size.



general description.pdf

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