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EA82 Idle Issue (Cyclic Idle)

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That's my favorite part of working on cars: fixing a problem you've been dealing with for a while now. This is the longest I've tolerated an issue, and wow, it feels good to fix it.


Did some more driving, and it's still idling great!! It liked to idle at like 1250 RPM, but towards the end of my trip, it idled closer to like 900 RPM or so. I figure the IACV just needs to "stretch its legs" since it's been sitting so long without much use. I'll probably spray some carb cleaner in it, just to clean it out a bit.


You have no idea how good it feels to resolve the problem. It's been one year; 15,000 miles. Can't wait for the morning, when I don't have to rev it to warm it up. :)

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After sitting overnight (about 24 hours, to be exact), it started and idled fine!! Drove to work, and after a 9-hour shift, my car still idled fine! Such a good feeling, like you guys have no idea. I have to tell myself, "the car will idle by itself, Grant." I still cannot believe that it's fixed.


About my old harness, I'm keeping it. I like to keep car parts as reminders (might sound stupid). I have a shelf of old parts from my car in my house. I have my torn v-belt and stripped hub, from the two times I've had to call a tow truck. I have my old clutch disc from my transmission/clutch swap (was my first big repair and was the first repair I did without getting frustrated at any point). I have a rear spring from the night I lifted my car (that was a wild night). Now I have this wiring harness, to remind myself of the problem that took me so long to fix. It will tell me, "never give up," if I'm ever feeling down.

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+1 Good eye catching that bad connector. Multimeter, second best tool in the garage. I had a similar issue years ago and it was a loose pin at the ECU.


Going crazy with the dielectric grease and tidying up the harness will do lots for reliability.


And about the old harness, definitely keep it. You never know when you will need the odd connector or piece of correctly colored wire. Hell, I still keep a spfi full harness in my garage and I don't even own an spfi ea82 anymore. One day it will save someone..

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Bit of a thread dig here but what was the result of the testing? I'm having the same issues where the hunting idle is getting incrementally worse.


Mine is in an (I think) 86 MPFI Turbo with the IACV on the thermostat housing and no vacuum advance on the distributor. Idle goes above 2500rpm and then cuts out. I have done pretty much all of the same things you have listed as well.

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