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Elder Scrolls VI: Pleiades 1986 Subaru GL-10 Turbo

AWD J3wman

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"Could the legends be true?"

"Legends dont burn down villages..."


Elder Scrolls VI: Pleiades

I've got a 1986 Subaru GL-10, I traded an MR2 i got for $500 and $1000 on top of it,  This may very well be the only rust free GL-10 in Minnesota, and may be the ONLY GL-10 in MN, there is a red one to be rumored to be in existence here but the rumors are few and far between. Options i have on this car are: Digital Dashboard, Active Ride Height, Trip Computer/Range computer, power windows and locks, sunroof, every option available except leather seats if they were offered.
Mechanically it is an EA82T, One of Subaru's first turboed engines. It is unintercooled and the slowest engine ive ever had in my life (runner up is a D15B running on 3cylinders). The transmission is an Automatic 3 speed, which when coupled with the motor makes for a very long trip to 60 mph (16 seconds at 65 degrees going downhill)
It sits high but its because this spoob is a massive pain in the wongleflute to lower.
I lowered the front 2 inches with Subaru XT struts, which did seem to help the look. The back is dropping 2" on some Eibach replacement coilover struts sized at 9"x2.5" (stock is 11"x2.5")
Then i hit the wheels with some 150 grit sandpaper to clean them up, i still have a  ways to go.
But so far that's where I am now, final product will be 5x100 swapped (GC impreza front suspension, XT6 rear suspension) lowered another 2" on subaru impreza coilovers up front and legacy coils in back. Power will probably come from an EJ family engine, most likely an EJ205 with a STI turbo kit/intake manifold mated to a first gen Legacy 5 speed transmission. So stay tuned guys...
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Pictures from roughly a year ago.
October 2013
finally sorted out the rear end just in time for the hood latch to break the same day the radiator cracked.



February 2014

Drove out to about 7 miles past the edge of Civilization today to pick up this.  Its a bumper off a 92 Loyale, Im kind of digging the facelift idea. It should clean up well. Color matched bumpers?
  Still, for the grille Im not sure, Im thinking I'm gonna make a custom fiberglass piece. Like a replica of the chargespeed grille for this or something like an R31 Skyline grille.
MAY 2014

Got the turbo off on Sunday, didn't have time to upload pictures until now.
As you can see the turbo was still good, absolutely no oil consumption issues. I don't even know why I took it off...
I'm gonna get a custom downpipe made for it too by the fab guys at work, Look at that fantastic wastegate dump! No wonder these EA82T engine go through Turbos in ~40K miles, There's no boost gauges on them but I feel like boost creep and overboosting is a regular occurrence. I really hope the person at Subaru that designed these engines was fired and bludgeoned by their coworkers for this design.
 I struggled with this bolt forever, it seems like, because they had a team of contortionists piece this engine together originally. Then decided to place every gasket around it so it could get caked with oil until it was 2mm larger.  This engine is the single reason for rising fuel prices from drinking the world's supply of fossil fuels and wearing it like some sadistic badge of honor.
The near future will entail:
-Downpipe fabbed up at work, here at MAPerformance, then I am going to look into designing a mount for a TMIC.
-Miata rear struts, Ebay coilover sleeves with flipped strut mounts (-3 to -5" drop)
-15x7", 0 Offset Diamond Racing SC Wheels with chrome rims and cherry blossom red (hot pink) faces
-Side exit or Takeyari pipe exhaust
July 2014
Hella productive weekend, got my blast horns in, new Loyale bumper, wired everything up, Turbo nearly ready to go in, and going to put on my miata coilovers tomorrow. I'll update with pics during lunch break or when I get home tonight.
Started out removing that old crooked bumper that got annihilated by some hipster on a fixie, which I hope annihilated said hipster as well.
Once I yanked it out I found a spare key that popped out from under the headlight, I presume that this hasn't been used since the mid to late 80s.
Got rid of that awful rusted bumper filler piece, which I will be replacing with a rust free one!  Then after removing the filler piece of the bumper, I put in my Sickspeed Neochrome horns, which are just generic Hella horns basically. These are in Neochrome though which is pretty  cool.
Then I finished wiring them up to the stock Horn wiring. Soldered them in, used 12 gauge wire because I didn't want to worry about going too small and smoking the wire.
I also pulled out my AC Condenser that was cracked by said hipster. That will be replaced as well, and worryingly the o-rings on the connectors were pretty nackered as well, I assume some vacuum nipples over the open lines will be sufficient protection from the elements.
Got my Mishimoto 10" Electric fan mounted up to my radiator, forgot to use the mounting tabs because I didn't see them in the box but it seems to be working fine at the moment. Apparently aftermarket radiator caps for STi and WRXs work on this radiator so I will be using one of those, the operating temp on these engines run too damn high!
Got a lot to do still but here is how it sits now, haven't bolted up the bumper but it is mocked up, It is looking better by the day...


August 2014

Had a come up at a the junkyard a little while ago. Got actually crack free corner lights, fresh oil cap, for free.
Then I paid for the bumper filler to replace my dented rusty turd status one oh and this:
A Subaru XT6 steering wheel, Im gonna try to nab the hubs and seats out of it this weekend if I got time.
but I got this ALL FOR $20!
sorry for the digital noise, thats a terrible photo.
September 2014
Got my spoiler properly stripped, this gross rubberized coating came off in a sort of primordial sludge...
I got it off though, I thought about keeping it polished but I found a dent in it which would be a hell of a lot more apparent if it was polished. So on came the primer for paint.
After some good polishing with my 150 grid pad, a 300 grit piece of paper and finally some 1000 grit, I laid down paint. Going to try to get the clear coat done tonight then a wet sand.
Turbo is bolted back in as well, might get a custom oil feed line made because this rubber one is binding and worrying me so the next update might involve that, I also am in the market for some Miata coilover sleeves that'll fit over OEM struts if anyone has some.
Sept 15 (this morning's update)


So here is an update, car should be running in about a week and a half, hopefully...
Anyway, here is what I got done...
Got a proper Coolant Feed line made from braided teflon coated hose from Pirtek, installing it into the car was WAY easier.
I can seperate it into 2 pieces too, here is how it looks installed.
Also modified a spare grille I had, need it to fit the horns into it so it needed to be cut.  Plus, It does look cooler, going for an AE86 look.
Still gotta finish up the grille, I am going to clean up the melted plastic, basically cut out everything that isn't red, then going to fill in the sides so it looks a bit cleaner. Finally I will color match it to the car.
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16 seconds to reach 60 sounds a little slow, even for an auto EA82t. I'm sure my old wagon was faster than that, and it had the same drivetrain.


But a sweet ride all the same, digging the horns. Pity the flush-indicator bumper bit the dust though, I'm no fan of the recessed indicator US bumpers.

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Well the head gaskets need to be replaced, both cats were fouled, turbo was shot, turbo up pipe gasket was leaking, and it was overheating so it sounds on par.



Short of the head gaskets I got everything else taken care of, If I do headgaskets I am going to just completely rebuild the engine.

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Finished up the induction system for the most part yesterday, also got the spoiler back on. Alas I am once again at an impasse as I am stuck figuring out how to get the hood release cable routed to the interior of the car


In the meantime here are pics of my new fog lights that arrived on Friday, they're gonna look dope once I get them mounted onto the bumper.


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Those were just EBay coilovers on stock KYB struts, I have switched to Miata Koni yellows with ground control coilovers no pictures yet due to winter.


Honestly, I highly recommend stiffer springs in the rear compared to the front, it completely changes the handling characteristics as you would imagine. it cornered about as well as my CRX did on all season tires. (HHHUUUGGGGEEEE Improvement for an EA82)

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Im curious as to the condition of my stock springs up front for the rx struts.  Buy the way what engine was in the xt or was it 2wd or 4wd  I wonder if anyone has ever got an ebay spring for the front as well.  Not necessarly lowering just a replacement.  .  

The XT I pulled the steering wheel from was an XT6 so 6 cylinder. If you're asking about the struts, they're brand new Monroes. Crappy Autozone brand or whatever but lower and better than what was in there.

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Got it to my work so I can work on it this weekend. custom downpipe, exhaust and fresh fuel pump are going in and while I'm at it, I'll see what I can do to lower the back some more. I might hack off a coil or 2 up front as well.




Got the downpipe bends completed! Just have to add bungs and flanges.


Next step is a 3" exhaust!




While I'm waiting for my downpipe to be finished by my friend at work, I've begun pulling out the carpet so I can properly clean it. 


Also had my friend Jared Levine clean up my back seat which had a brutal stain on it, looks damn near new, if you're in the Minneapolis area definitely hit him up for detailing services. He saved me a grip of cash by cleaning it up.

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