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impreza wont start and keeps turning off

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ok guys here we go I have no one else to turn to.


I own a 2010 Subaru Impreza RX 5 speed.


it has done 90,000km


as soon as I start the car up it will turn off.


I have noticed a flashing fuel light but I put petrol


I have a flashing key


I don't have the clock on the dash working anymore


and the temp is flashing red and blue.


please please please help

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With the key and temperature warning lights flashing this may mean something is happening to the electrical system. It may involve the alternator. I suggest you disconnect the small wire connection to the alternator which should disable it. Then start the engine and see if the other warning lights still turn on. Ignore the battery light if it turns on. If the other lights go out and the engine stays running you will have to replace the alternator.

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Okay, disconnect the alternator connection and see what happens. If nothing changes put the connection back.


It would help us if you made your statements more clearer. I can't tell from your last reply if you already tried my suggestion or you are just saying nothing starts and turns off. In your first post you seem to indicate the engine starts up and then immediately shuts down.

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when you start it, does it crank longer than before the problem developed?


that is, if it originally went; Rrr, Rrr, VRRROOOMMM


does it do the same now, or is it ; Rrr, Rrr, Rrr, Rrr, Rrr, Rrr, Rrr, Rrr, VRRROOOMMM---OFF.


do you smell fuel? You could try starting with the gas pedal all the way on the floor - that signals the ECU to shut-off fuel. It's the 'clear flood' routine.



did the problem begin after refueling or a wreck or any repair/maintenance?


is the cel on? if not, scanning for pending codes may still be useful.

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