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are they the same?

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Well the 86 and 88 Engine difference is carb vs. fuel injection, vacuum hoses, loom or wiring harness and fuel pump pressures.




You may have an EA71 or an EA82 engine.


As as owner's guide it's probably exactly the same.

If it's a Haynes or Chilton's manual it's mostly correct.

And the most change will be found in the Subaru Service manual for 1986 and 1988.


If your book is a copy of Stephenie Meyer's "Twilight", I think we can all agree that the Owner's manual is still a better romantic novel.

If your book is the Bible, God's Word never changes, and He loves you very much. Nothing changed between 88 BC and 86 BC

If your book is George Orwell's "Nineteen Eighty Four" both engines are carb'ed and it doesn't matter because you're living in perpetual war under omnipresent government surveillance.

If your book is actually an 1988 newspaper President Ronald Reagan is the most powerful man in the world and we have a reason as to why the Speedometer runs best at 55 MPH in 5th gear in the NA.


What is your book?

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Most everything will be the same chassis wise.


Differences include changes to the headlight switch, and wiper switch (stalk mounted in 88, dash mounted in 86)


Also, there is a section on SPFI in the 86 book, but the wiring on the early systems is slightly different.....notably the wiring to the distributor.  The pins shown at teh ECU for reference and signal pulse from the disty are flipped on the 88 from what is shown.  (changed after 87)


Headlight adjuster slightly different


But that 86 FSM will be better than a haynes or chiltons anyday.

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