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Hey all! So I have a 91 loyale with push button 4WD. And I just purchased an 85 GL with a dual range transmission. I've looked up how to do the swap and it seems "simple" enough. My question is this: what components should I replace while doing the swap while I have everything apart? Nothing is really "wrong", but any ideas on preventative maintenance would be appreciated. I can't shift into first unless I'm at a dead stop, I don't know if that's normal, but I don't remember it being a problem with my 89 loyale. Both vehicles have 170000 miles on them and I don't think anything has been touched.

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clutch job, rear output shaft seal though they rarely leak. there's not much access to anything else when doing a trans swap.


resealing the engine oil pan would be a little easier and already close to having complete access as you tilt and support the engine. and you probably don't need a part as the cork gaskets suck, can probably just right stuff it or RTV it properly.

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