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So i lost my spare key the other day, it was the last one i had left and was out in the woods so we had some mcgyvering to.  Got it hot wired under the hood but the steering wheel lock still works so straight was our only option. We tear the steering column apart (its a gambler style car not worried about breaking things) to get the key cylinder out, that was easy, got the car started, great, got home. Next day went to start it, no choke on it cuz of weber carb, so i was warming it up.... it died, went to start up again dash light and heater/radio all the auxiliaries came on turned it over and they all faded out. no power nothing, checked battery cables just fine, fuseable links on coil are fine (maybe the hotwiring fubard it).  Heres what strange to me while trying to figure out wtf is goin on we  hotwired it under the hood again and it starts up runs drives, power to everything dash/radio/etc.  turned it off, no power to anything with key switch still.  Checked all fuses checked voltage of harness under steering wheel, 12v, I am out of ideas, and leads? is there are relay or something im missing that went out? please heeeeeelp meeeeeh. 


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Sounds like you may have made an 'accidental connection' when hotwiring. Either shorted or melted a wire, blew a link, etc. Check your grounds real quick, could gave damaged ine. Keep checking, might be wirth starting with where you tied the 12v to to run the power and work backwards to the dash, that is likely where your problem is. You should continue looking for a hotspot or melt, corrosion etc, be VERY through, doesn't take much to be short enough to not start. If still a no-go, do the same with a continuity check, then a manually applied 12v. 

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     The dash has one primary wire that powers it, but there are not many (if any) diodes that make it one way.

     Power can be Backfed through a number of circuits that are not designed for it, and receive power. Doing so damages wire\connections\gauges\whatever the weakest link is, once that damage occurs the normal direction of the circuit does not function properly. That weak link needs to be found and repaired before another part fails. 

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On 1/21/2020 at 2:08 PM, ferp420 said:

my guess would be the damaged ignition switch ive had that happen before there are contacts in there and alot of times they fall out when messing with the key cylinder ive had that happen more than once

What did you do to resolve this? 

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if i was able to find a replacement i just replaces the whole thing or just the electrical part of the switch ive also used universal keyed switches mounted under the dash one rig had toggle swithes that had to be flip in a certain patern  and a push button starter switch my bmw i just riped the wires out of the dash and twisted them together and would touch the starter wire to the wires i twisted together my vw bus still uses a screwdriver to unlock the steering wheel and a universal keyed switch for ignition and a wire straight from the starter and touch it to the battery


ive tryed rebuilding the switches with varying sucsess zome times they stayed together some times they dident


maybe someone here has a rig there parting out and could help you out with a complete set up that would be the best way to go in my opinion cause then you would have a new key also and you would be helping another member get some cash for there junk lol

do some testing first pull the unit out and see if you can jump the wires at the switch there should be one positive in and 3 loads out one starter wire one ignition wire and one accessory wire there if i remeber there should be solder points on the back of the switch that you can use a jumper on

good luck

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