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1978-1981 Vintage Subaru windshields & gaskets: NEW & old stock used

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Fits 1978-1981 Subaru Brat (first generation), also wagons/sedans 1978-1979, 2WD/4WD, DL/GL. They will NOT fit coupes GF and FE, but may fit earlier wagons/sedans?... correct me if I'm wrong.

I have a few good used, old-stock OEM windshields available that have been sitting in a warehouse since the mid-to-early-eighties from cars that were only a couple/few years old at the time. Not much if any blasting, some have wiper marks (buff-able), one has a tiny bullseye down low, but all are in pretty good shape considering. If you purchase in person (preferred), you can take your pick from the stash: $175 each.

I have one brand new windshield, very rare. Perfect condition NOS. These have not been available for many years. $300.

I also have new windshield gaskets from Precision (PRP WCR 288), which is necessary for installation: $75 each.

No shipping unless you are willing to pay for crating. Pick-up only, or possibly meet in the middle for gas, wear and tear. This will likely work best if you are in the general area or have a friend/family that is. Located in Springfield, MO. Thanks,

KIMG2261 (Medium).JPG

KIMG2264 (Medium).JPG

KIMG2268 (Medium).JPG

KIMG2269 (Medium).JPG

KIMG2274 (Medium).JPG

KIMG2278 (Medium).JPG

KIMG2279 (Medium).JPG

KIMG2286 (Medium).JPG

KIMG2288 (Medium).JPG


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7 hours ago, travelvw said:

Fits 1978-1981 Subaru Brat (first generation), also wagons/sedans 1978-1979, 2WD/4WD, DL/GL. They will NOT fit coupes GF and FE, but may fit earlier wagons/sedans?... correct me if I'm wrong.

Does this pertain to the windshield gasket as well? I have a DL coupe that needs one. 

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Sorry to sidetrack for Preston but I’m pretty sure Todd - Subaru3 did add here somewhere that he was able to use a standard gasket for a Coupe by carefully stretching and maybe had one minor relief cut , but not sure on that. 

Coupe gaskets are just about impossible to find. If one shows up you know what to do. ;)


Nice thread of glass. That new unit is tempting. I also have a huge amount of glass but to have that new unit for a future resto , hmmmm. 

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The new glass was the last one any sources I used could find. There could be another individual like myself out there who may also have one, but I believe there are no more listed on the national database glass suppliers use... after I bought this one. They all said it was the last one in the states. I'm offering it up for sale because its nicer than I need; used will serve my purposes just fine. But even in the used glass department, I have way more than I hope to ever use. If you have a daily driver, it would be wise to collect at least one spare from someone somewhere, before they become nearly impossible to source. It took me a year to gather what I need in a part of the country with few vintage Subarus. It will be a little easier for those in the NW and NE.

The seals do seem pretty stretchy. I imagine if the glass is close to a Brat etc., it could be stretched and even spliced down to fit.


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I did somewhere have a picture of Both with the standard against the Coupe and you can clearly see the upper “ears” are a bit pronounced on the Coupe.

Will try to find that pic soon.

Story - and a true one - Danny W from this board “dannybreadman” had purchased not just dealer stock that some of us have managed to find , but the Mid-Atlantic regional distribution center’s old stock !!! He sat on it and then passed it along to a guy also from here I think he was djcommie or something like that. He’s in Michigan I think , or up that way and lays low , real low. I would bet my left one that he’s holding plenty of glass. I know Danny and I communicated a lot and pretty positive he mentioned crates of glass including front windshields.

I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting to see if this guy is going to cut stuff loose. 

There’s at least two used ones in my stash. And a load of other glass too. 

Good luck with these. Not excited about crating glass myself but I think I’ll be doing that soon. Folks are going to have to cover my time and materials , so a $150 item will be like $250 plus shipping , but we’ll see. 

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That picture of the two front windshields must have been put directly onto FB and likely I deleted it when some punk ticked me off. 

But you don’t need pics , trust us , it’s got longer “ears”.

Ok buy some glass from this guy ! 

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